Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, the first four days of Spring Festival Golden Week, 42 supermarkets are expected to achieve retail sales of 145 million yuan!

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In the first four days of the 2022 Spring Festival holiday, the streets and lanes of The city are full of people, passengers and business flow, and major shopping malls and supermarkets have launched a promotion boom.In order to guarantee the Spring Festival market supply in Zhuhai and meet the consumer demand of residents, the municipal and county commercial departments urged the city’s commercial enterprises to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, commodity procurement and festival promotion activities.In the first four days of the Spring Festival, the city’s 42 key monitored commercial circulation enterprises are expected to achieve retail sales of 145 million yuan, up 10 percent year-on-year, according to the report.Before the market of daily necessities was abundant and prices were stable, the commercial departments at the city and county levels strengthened guidance, and the supply of daily necessities was sufficient, varieties were abundant and prices were stable. Major supermarkets and farmers’ markets prepared emergency supply reserves in advance, effectively meeting the market consumption demand.During the festival, the retail prices of daily necessities were basically stable and rose slightly.Vegetables: carrot 3.1 yuan/jin, baby vegetable 3.3 yuan/jin, eggplant 8.58 yuan/jin, cucumber 8.98 yuan/jin, kidney bean 12.98 yuan/jin;Meat: Hind leg meat 14.6 yuan/jin, pork belly 14.8 yuan/jin, wing medium 16.9 yuan/jin, boutique rib 29.9 yuan/jin;Aquatic products: Big hairtail 13.8 yuan/jin, turbot 13.98 yuan/jin, ice gold pomfret 15.8 yuan/jin;Fruit category: banana 4.99 yuan/jin, apple 4.99 yuan/jin, gong pear 5.8 yuan/jin, Gannan orange 6.98 yuan/jin, seedless extract 19.8 yuan/jin, beauty strawberry 39.8 yuan/jin.Vouchers issued release consumption potential business enterprise according to the city of epidemic prevention and control headquarters in the city “about be COVID during New Year’s day and Spring Festival in 2022-19 epidemic prevention and control work notice requirements, earnestly implement the epidemic prevention and control work guides, strict sweep the yard, field test and wearing masks, online synchronous good promotional activities, create a good atmosphere of consumption.Before the festival, under the guidance of the city Bureau of Commerce, Guangling district held “Hui Ju Guangling · Create enjoy the future” to promote consumption activities, issued shopping malls, supermarkets, household appliances consumption coupons 75,000 yuan 5 million, of which, shopping mall consumption coupons 17,500 yuan 3.5 million yuan, supermarket consumption coupons 52,500 yuan 1.05 million yuan, supermarket consumption coupons 155,000 yuan 450,000 yuan.Consumption time until January 30, the full release of consumption potential.Ecological Science and Technology New Town held the consumption promotion activity of “Lolive Warm Winter · Tour New Town”, and issued 22,000 consumption vouchers of 1,000,000 yuan for supermarkets, cultural and tourist attractions, catering and accommodation, among which, 2008,000 yuan for supermarkets, 3009,000 yuan for cultural and tourist attractions and 300,500 yuan for catering.200 thousand RMB and 15 thousand accommodation vouchers.Consumption time throughout the Spring Festival, ignited the enthusiasm of consumption.Commercial complex promotion itsdifferent Spring Festival this year, city and county level two business departments to actively guide the city’s commercial enterprises in different forms, rich and colorful, discounts on consumer promotion activities, according to the individual needs of different consumer groups and consumer characteristics, broaden the source channels, strengthen the production and marketing cohesion, rich product variety, and increase the quantity of goods, to meet the needs of consumers,The festival atmosphere is strong.In addition, many commercial complexes also set up shopping raffle, free small gifts and other activities to enhance the interactive and interesting consumption.For example, Yangzhou Jinghua City held the “Fu Hu Opens the City to celebrate the Spring Festival”, the auspicious lion Presents the Auspicious whole museum parade, limited number of red envelopes in the Year of the Tiger for free;”Fu Quintessence of appreciation”, appreciate Beijing Opera crosstalk, product of traditional culture, drama even Taiwan;”Fuchun Intangible Cultural Heritage Market”, a one-stop experience activity of handmade lanterns exhibition, dough figurines, paper cuts and velvet flowers.Yangzhou Mixmixhui 1000 New Year blind boxes, limited red envelope cover for the New Year free, launched the Tiger Tiger New Year gift package, the year of the Tiger collection of five blessings, members of the New Year points redemption, big brand beauty makeup and other activities, experience Cameron New Year shopping street one-stop shopping.Yangzhou colorful world “tiger” force to unlock the lock to open the red envelope, dance lion to send blessing to welcome the colorful head;New Year’s fun gift bag, cosmetics consumption full full send, generous send coupons, gold jewelry, international light luxury, clothing retail discount sale.In order to create a New Year’s consumption atmosphere, boost consumer confidence, the city bureau of Commerce held the “New Year’s consumption embroidery tiger to send blessings” activities, blessing bag contains “tiger tiger living power,” blessing paste, “embroidery tiger” feature red packets each a set, a total of 50,000 sets, first come, first served, get out of last.Consumers can get it if they spend more than 200 yuan in supermarkets and restaurants. Supermarkets have set off a frenzy of sales of Spring Festival goods.Rt-mart sells a large number of daily necessities at a discount of 50% to 20%, mengniu and Guangming normal milk at a discount of 75%, and presents a wide range of gifts for the Spring Festival.Suguo Supermarket: Hold Spring Festival shopping carnival activity, Spring Festival shopping gift package discount sales, the full 99 minus 20, limited snatching fresh coupons, save luck to win the grand prize, points over value big exchange purchase.Cameron supermarket launched a variety of exquisite affordable New Year gift box, gift package, the Spring Festival visit friends and relatives during the choice;All kinds of boutique department stores, delicious non-staple food to people inundated, inexpensive, hot sales.