When reading philosophy encounter tuhao dinner

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In January 2015, I just finished my studies in the United States and came back to China.When I just came back, I didn’t know what I wanted to do in the future. I just wanted to look around and see what opportunities I could have.Friends considerate, also always help me look around, so I invited to participate in large and small various dinner.I’m not a fan of dinner parties, and I think they’re a waste of time.A large number of people who had no intersection with each other toasted each other and called each other “Zhou” and “Huang”. It seemed that they had known each other for a long time, but in fact they did not.Most of us have only sat down for a few minutes and are still unable to pronounce each other’s names.I understand what it means to connect with a group of people who already have a social base, and use them as tools to create a platform for yourself.I don’t object to this form of free association, but as a Kantian, a neo-Kantian, a neo-Neo-Kantian, I am naturally disgusted by this sort of thing, because Kant argues for people as ends rather than means.Of course, I’m too unsure of myself to miss something.Even with the hat of “overseas returnees”, this society does not need me particularly.When I just returned home, I felt too uncertain and needed to land.So I accepted my friend’s dinner invitation, hoping to get something out of it.After switching from bike, subway, taxi and other means of transportation, I entered the hotel box.It was not much different from what I had expected. As soon as I walked in, I saw bottles piled on the table, and the room was filled with the smell of alcohol from various men and women.Encounter this scene, I naturally will not take the initiative to say anything.Of course, I don’t show impatience.I would like to see the wine in front of me, to hear the whispering in the arena.After my friend exaggerated and embellished my experience of studying philosophy in the United States, Mr. Zhong, the owner of taobao shop who started his business and has a fortune of over 100 million, directly asked me: “What is the use of studying philosophy?”The comer was not friendly and the tone was not friendly.I had heard this question a thousand times and knew what he was going to say next, so I tried to keep the subject in check.I just said, “It doesn’t work.”But he asked, “Did you go to a good university in America?”I said, “Not so much, but all the teachers are ok, and all graduated from famous American schools.”He then asked, “How much do you teachers earn a year?”I replied, “A public university, not much in liberal arts. According to the official website, assistant professors are estimated at $50,000 before tax, associate professors at $60,000-70,000, and professors at $80,000-90,000.”Finally, he said, “Would you believe it? I was walking down the street with your teacher and I asked ten girls, and at least eight, well, at least six of them would pick me.”The rest of us were dumbfounded, afraid I would do something extraordinary and embarrass the scene.I understood what Chung was saying. I thought he was pledging his sovereignty to me, but it was more fear.He was afraid that I would look down upon him and call him a nouveau riche.Well, I wouldn’t, because I’m a big believer in pluralistic values when it comes to what’s best.Everyone can choose and adhere to their own values. Under the guidance of their own values, they can choose their own path or do what they like.Some people can study all the way up from childhood, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctor postdoctoral, some people can leave the campus early, enter the shopping mall fighting, finally fight the wind.I insist that there is no hierarchy, only direction.I said, “You can be more direct about what you want to say.”He did not know how to open his mouth, he was embarrassed to directly say, “What is the use of your reading, reading so many books is not as much as I earn, education is useless”, even though he thought so in his heart.I’m willing to let him say what he really thinks with great grace.It seemed to me that he could have been more confident in insisting that eight girls, or even nine girls, didn’t need to change his story.My friend evaded the question by playing catch-up.Of course, this did not make Chung feel any relief, and I suspect he still feels uncomfortable.Maybe he would feel much better if I said, “No matter how many books we read, we are not as successful as Zong,” and fined him three cups to show his respect.In fact, it seemed that by pinning me down, he wanted to announce to the audience his own success and the triumph of capital.But what’s interesting is not the confrontation, but the fact that a 100 million boss, without relying on family resources and making great success in a certain field with his own efforts, still can’t reconcile with himself, still doesn’t have that much confidence, still craves approval from others, even if that person is insignificant in his eyes.This kind of unconfidence actually permeates the whole society at present, no one can avoid this trend.▷ We think that if we become rich and have a full pocket, we will become confident, but this is not true.Being rich is not enough. Confidence may require a bit of culture and knowledge.Otherwise, why are there all kinds of people in suits attending executive class, spiritual class and etiquette class at university every weekend?I used to read a few years in a school philosophy department, our department in the school teaching building on the seventh floor, the eighth floor of the school of economics.Every weekend there are all kinds of ceos.The most popular group is after class, they like to talk loudly on the phone in the hallway.The other end of the phone would ask, “Where are you?”, so the other end of the phone would always say loudly, “I’m taking classes in X University, music appreciation, economics…”The sound of the voice, for fear that others can not hear.Maybe they think it’s vulgar to say how much money they make, but elegant to say what they’re studying.They probably think that a bit of knowledge and culture will give them confidence.But we can turn it around and ask, does a little knowledge, a little culture really give people confidence?I don’t think so.There is a pancake stand at the back gate of our school.The stall is famous and prosperous, featured in newspapers and television and promoted as a model of the “Chinese Dream”.This boss is more confident than zhong I mentioned earlier because he is honest.One day a few years ago, a doctoral student of my department went to buy a pancake from him and was ridiculed by the shopkeeper.The owner said, “What’s the use of reading so many books? Can you afford an apartment?I have four houses. Can you afford them?”Over the years, the boss reportedly had six houses and two luxury cars.It’s easy to get inflated once you’re successful, but of course there’s nothing wrong with that. I like his frankness.I’m not here to criticize the stall owner, I want to talk about my friend.He was so angry at his boss’s words that he couldn’t hold his head up.Because he was very concerned about what the boss said, he strongly criticized the boss in the department, saying how much the boss looked down on the scholars, looked down on the intellectuals, and then magnified his personal situation to the decline of the value of the whole society.He tried to defend the sovereign status of “readers” in this society.Declining social values are another matter, but at least my colleague was humbled by what the boss had said.You went to school with knowledge and insight, but it didn’t seem to empower you. You still felt flushed when people told you that you had no money.A person who chooses to take the academic road, why would so mind an outsider evaluation?After all these years of studying philosophy, he still doesn’t seem to feel confident that he made the right choice.Of course, the boss wasn’t entirely confident when he said this because, according to sources, he still paid to send his son to the school’s continuing education school for a “correspondence course” in business administration.As for the merits of the correspondence course, I shall not say, but at least one thing is clear: he wanted his son to be educated, and money alone was not enough.The question is, do culture and money complement each other?We often hear parents say to their children, “You must study hard so that you will be successful in the future, or you will not even find a job.”Parents are telling the truth, because education is linked to education, education and employment and even income.Although we criticize “capitalism” in words, we act honestly and unconsciously infuse some kind of capitalist spirit into our education.By assuming that reading is a process of capital accumulation, the discourse of “reading/achieving” is formed.Since reading books is a kind of cultural cultivation, intellectuals call the precipitation brought by reading “cultural capital.”It’s popular, but popular doesn’t mean reasonable.Why should we tie capital to culture?When we say that a person is literate, we mean that he is cultured, tasteful and has some good qualities, in addition to saying that he has some knowledge.Here, culture is more like an aesthetic thing, but the aesthetic thing is not quantifiable.This is not the case with capital. The main characteristic of capital is that it can be replaced and accumulated. For example, money can be used to buy houses, houses can be sold for money, and more and more money can be used to buy more houses.When we refer to a person as having money, we say that person has economic capital, which is fine, because economics and capital are often synonymous, and money is quantitative in nature.When we understand knowledge and culture as capital, we actually kidnap culture with the concept of economics, or reduce culture to quantitative things.The pluralism of aesthetics becomes the unity of utility, and culture and economy become mutually compatible things.Finally, culture and money are complementary.Zhong zong, cake shop owner because money can not buy culture and inferiority, department friends because of culture can not cash also inferiority.I believe that when a man is confident, he is in a state of complete freedom.On the one hand, he is free to choose what he likes; on the other hand, he is willing to bear all the consequences of his choice.If one chooses to follow the academic path, one must be aware of the early poverty that academic research can bring;If one chooses to go into business, he has to bear the limitation of not being able to improve his knowledge in all aspects due to the limited time.Reading and doing business are not contradictory, nor are the pursuit of knowledge and wealth contradictory.The two are incommensurable, and there is no need to tie them to the same value chain in advance.He who seeks knowledge should be confident because he is rewarded with knowledge, and the businessman should be confident because he is rewarded with capital even if he does not know a word at the end.Tao acting | the articles source @ surging news “market” column in this paper, from WeChat male “survival philosophy” (ID: no.”Life must read 30 books” “99 Chinese classical literature classics” philosophy is human observation and understanding of the world gestalt.Philosophy provides a thinking mode and method for human beings to observe and understand the world.Philosophy provides mankind with a simple and effective picture of the world and the basis of cognition.Philosophy is the science that helps you to condition, to improve, to raise your eyes. It is the science that changes you, not your environment.Schopenhauer said: “There are two major afflictions in life: material want and spiritual emptiness.His works have also been selected as required reading classics for high school students.The use of philosophy is precisely to make us directly feel a kind of spiritual and psychological joy and happiness.When others are distressed by the limitations of the environment, you will feel open and happy in spirit because of the improvement of your own quality.Classical philosophy six parts to ask why, is human nature chicken soup has, only inflammatory philosophy in a calm, simple way of thinking to answer all kinds of people why stand up to criticism toward independent thinking original price: 238 yuan/set preference price: 129 yuan/set