Spring go | hid in the shadow of “light” at the grass-roots level of rural change

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One corner of “Guangyin Li” in b&B.Some people leave the countryside and only go home for holidays, while others return to the countryside to start a new business with the technology, capital and experience they have accumulated from the city…Wu Hao is the latter.Sujiideal Village, moling Street, Jiangning district, Nanjing, Jiangsu province, is submerged in rain and fog on February 3.Driving through the dense drizzle, the reporter went straight to the booked b&B “guangyin Li”, where he met the boss Wu Hao.Wu Hao, one of the partners of Guangyin Li.He quit his job at a Fortune 500 company to set up the b&B five years ago.”The room you are checking into today is called the Vernal Equinox.All the rooms at Guangyin Li are named after solar terms, expecting guests to experience a different time in the rhythm of nature.”Wu Hao warmly introduced, asked about customers, he said: “These two days can be said to be hard to find a room!You see, you booked it nearly half a month in advance, and this is the last standard room left.”The 14-room Guangyin Li is just one of the many b&Bs in su’s cultural and creative town.According to Moling Street pastoral office director Sun Jing introduction, township bansujia cultural and creative town is 2016 Moling Street focus to build a new rural life demonstration area, a total of 10 b&Bs, 13 featured shops.For the original villagers here, relocation compensation and transition fees have been paid in full, and a reconstruction housing community has been built to complete the resettlement work.For villagers who are willing to stay behind, a series of entrepreneurial support policies have been formulated. So far, three have successfully started their own businesses, respectively setting up fishing centers, egret fishing restaurants and characteristic homestays.For villagers who need help finding jobs, the street has expanded more than 40 jobs in property management and catering services.’When you walk around town a few times today, you’ll find exquisite niche cafes, well-designed online celebrity shops, and cultural and artistic regeneration,’ says a moling street official.Moling Street is clearly more interested in making Sujia Ideal a vibrant, attractive and livable place than in collecting rent.In the Su family, each household gives priority to nearby villagers in providing employment.So far, it has helped more than 20 villagers find jobs, including five people in Guangyin Alley who are responsible for cleaning, kitchen and gardening. Zhang Zhengping is one of them. She has been cleaning in Guangyin Alley for more than three years.The business has been suspended twice in the past two years due to the epidemic, and the boss still pays his basic salary.”In order to retain customers and staff, 5 of the 10 b&Bs in The township of Pingsu have built an “alliance” to achieve efficient and orderly distribution of customers through resource exchange and joint service.Chen Layun, a villager who has been working in “one house and one hospital” b&B, has had “mobile posts” in 5 b&B since the formation of the “alliance”. “We used to be responsible for the cleaning and health of b&B and get a fixed salary. Now which one is busy and goes to help, and do one more and get one more money.”Guanyinli and other b&Bs attract not only local and neighboring villagers, but also migrant workers from Anhui, Hunan and Guangdong provinces, it said.With a better environment and more money, people will be willing to stay and the countryside will have the power to revitalize.▼ ▼ make album | Joan liu WeChat number public copyright to reprint this WeChat public content: 1.Must keep the picture and text complete, refuse any form of deletion;2. Complete labeling of copyright, manuscript source and author;3. If it is not reproduced in accordance with this provision, this wechat public account reserves the right to pursue its legal responsibility.Focus on agriculture, rural areas and farmers to strengthen rural revitalization strategy Welcome to contribute website: tougao@dxscg.com.cn Newspaper: xcgbbtg@163.com Newspaper: xcgbbtt@163.com