Some relationships begin with separation

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Some relationships begin with separation sometimes, do not think that every day together, will really understand each other.Some relationships, some realizations, some real relationships that peel away the layers of everyday life, begin with a certain kind of departure.Because has been together, because there is a self-righteous familiarity, because there is a self-belief that will not change to rely on, often each other will float in a daily shallow acquaintance.Like oil and water.And separation, just like that powerful external force, high temperature and high pressure general, oil and water strong fusion together.After a certain separation, each other has a new position and identity, and then we look at each other. The things we used to take for granted in each other’s body, even have invaded our own life, will be revealed at this time.Originally, the other party has occupied so much space and position in his life, originally he has been enjoying the other party to bring some convenience in ignorance without awareness.Originally, the other body still has such a side, and oneself have been in order to completely different ah!And the absence brought it all out.Only then did I find that some of the relationships around me are the ones that become more real and real. They really started after some kind of departure.Breaking down those interwoven and overlapping relationships, each emerged with a new identity, a relaxed appearance, and their growth bolstered this new beginning.For some people, once parting, it is forever.For some people, parting is a new beginning.I was reading Kyungsan’s new book, Everything, recently. At the beginning of the first part of the book, there was a sentence: Sometimes we need silence.As we say goodbye, we will confirm something happened.Both articles are concerned with parting.All are opened after parting.Such turning spliting points often have a great and important effect.Just like when the outsiders see more clearly, exit, should say, is out of the game, eyes will be bright and clear, can see the range naturally different.What is the pattern?I think, the range that can be accommodated and seen.Parting is like a purge.Image from Internet