It’s not a TV show who knows you’re crying in the middle of the night

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Love has no address, so many people get lost. Those who understand you need not explain, and those who don’t understand you need not explain.We are just friends. It’s normal that you don’t reply to my messages. I crossed the line.In fact, no one is willing to give up a love for a long time, just indifferent to the perfunctory, sad and disappointed also accumulated more, not don’t like, but suddenly understand that it is time to put down 6.Fool don’t think, the premise of being loved is beautiful, if not beautiful, the chance of being loved is very small.I can accompany you to grow up to accompany you to endure hardship I can take my youth to bet but I don’t want to listen to sorry I want to be worthy of you 8.Feel quite like his talk, but afraid not to talk about it, and feel quite like to share it, but feel sorry not to share it, also not happy.The pain only oneself know, injured only oneself know, grievance only oneself know.I don’t want to be in a bad mood. I want to go to bed early.If you care about my words, you will care about my words. I messed up my hair and heart in the wind.If I was pretty enough, would he never go with anyone else? I thought I could date eight girls, but I fell in love right away.Maybe some road is more suitable than walking together