In the sixth episode of “Shou Entertainer”, Qin Xiaoxian appeared on the stage for the first time

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February 10, “youth shou artist” the sixth issue and the audience meet on time.In this issue, the Deyun Brotherhood not only put on a coat to host the program, but also welcomed a new member, Qin Xiaoxian, the most popular and popular member of deyun Society.See Qin Xiaoxian debut, the audience is also very happy, because old Qin in “Hello Saturday” performance is very good, not only appearance level partner, but also very variety sense.Seeing this, some netizens were curious to ask why the Brothers were wearing coats to host the program this time.Before are not all suits, or Chinese fashion clothes, this change is why?Did they invite their own comedians to do the show?Seeing her three questions, I also saw her concern for deyun Society and her love and support for deyun Brotherhood.As for why Luan Yunping, Zhang Helun, Zhang Jiuling, Zhang Jiulan and Qin Xiaoxian will wear the gown, it is still related to the main content of this program, because this program will introduce the audience to “Hanfu”, introduce some Chinese style clothes, so that we can better understand the culture and history of “Hanfu”.Therefore, as the Deyunshe crosstalk performers, they put on the traditional gown to host it is very reasonable, but also very in line with the content of this program.Of course, there is also a netizen to one, or watching Luan Yunping, Zhang Helun they wear a gown more comfortable, feel that this is the most real, the most natural they.In fact, this is also caused by preconceived notions, because from the first time we saw them on the screen to the current popularity and love, in the inner world, deyunshe crosstalk performers should be wearing coats on the stage.Of course, from this phenomenon, we can also feel people’s love and support for Deyun Society, because such an impression can not be formed in a day or two, which requires persistence and support day after day.As for whether to invite their own crosstalk actors in this issue, after watching the feature film, we can know that there are no other crosstalk actors in this issue. After all, it is necessary to invite some professionals or lovers who like and understand this aspect to participate in the promotion of “Hanfu” culture and Chinese style clothing.Of course, for the stage of their crosstalk actors we do not worry, because Zhang Jiunan in the three team guest, with elder brother Kong Yunlong, Li Yunjie on the same stage had said, three elder brother has participated in the “shou Artist” this program recording.In addition to kong Yunlong, many of deyun Society’s crosstalk performers have also revealed from many sources that they have already participated in the recording of the variety show, and they just have to wait patiently for when it will be broadcast.After all, the show has already signed a one-year contract, with four episodes a month, and there are still more than 40 episodes waiting to be aired.See this, there are also a netizen to a, Qin Xiaoxian in this period is there any special performance?After all, you’re the host of two of the most popular variety shows in the world right now.See this person so ask, can only mean that you need to watch the main film, after all, everyone’s focus is different, some like this, some like that, it is better to experience yourself.Seeing the popularity of the sixth episode of “Shou Entertainer”, we can also see the hard work of Deyun Society and the program team. In terms of inheriting, spreading and carrying forward traditional culture, this variety show is authentic and unique. Each episode has distinct themes and positive educational significance.The audience also followed the Deyun Brotherhood and guests to learn knowledge in the joy, understand the traditional culture in the joy, and slowly inherit and carry forward everything that belongs to us.