Huizhou Postal branch actively carry out “Spring Festival warm heart, feeling full Longyuan” migrant workers care activities

2022-07-25 0 By

In order to actively implement the provincial and municipal “notice on forwarding” spirit, Hui County Postal Branch actively took action to implement the “Spring Festival travel warm heart, feeling Full Longyuan” care activities for migrant workers through policy publicity, hall construction, extension publicity, online and offline multi-channel publicity organization.Moon is home, peace of mind is the way home.As the Spring Festival approaches, workers who have been away from home for a long time begin to return home one after another, The Hui County Postal Branch has formed a working group to enter the villages and enter the homes of workers, delivering them the Spring Festival gift packages and explaining the details of participating in train ticket subsidy activities.At the same time, the organization of “financial fraud prevention” publicity and other activities, through the popularization of financial knowledge, anti-fraud knowledge, anti-epidemic knowledge, and constantly improve the majority of rural residents’ self-protection awareness and risk identification ability.During January 16 to February 15, Hui County Post will reduce the burden of returning home for migrant workers through activities such as “free 10,000 tickets, home ticket subsidy, home health, warm heart service and care”.So far, there have been 78 migrant workers get free complimentary tickets qualification, the next step, hui county postal branch will continue to organize working groups intensify propaganda, through a series of warm heart action let the social from all walks of life concern, care for migrant workers and left-behind children and women’s groups, with little good big love, social beauty, carry forward the social positive energy.”Love is ten thousand letters reach the world.”Hui county postal always adhere to the “people’s post for the people” service tenet, vigorously carry forward the “pulse” mail wanli, the glorious tradition and era value, earnestly implement the provincial government and group decision deployment, the postal service in everywhere and all over the postal network, urban and rural long-term grounding of huizhou the earth, and the mobilization of staff,Take strong measures to promote this activity to go deep and solid, take practical actions to actively participate in social public welfare undertakings, and make due contributions to the development of public welfare undertakings.Contribution: Hui County Post Branch Supervisor: Wang Jiandong Review: Ma Wenbo Editor: MAO Xu Editor: Guo Li