He was the founding lieutenant general, known as Zhang Yide in the army, the great man once praised that he could fight

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Zhang Renchu, the first commander of the 26th Army, was known for his indomitability and spearheading his troops.Liu Qingsi, an old reporter of the flag newspaper of the 26th Army, described the image of Commander Zhang and said, “Our commander is just like Zhang Yide, a yan man with leopard head and ringed eyes and a loud voice in the three Countries.He is frank and straightforward, articulate, always in battle regardless of personal danger, go forward, is a formidable member of the formidable.”Zhang Renchu is really such a fierce general, fight on the battlefield, nickname called “Zhang madman”.There are several versions of zhang Renchu’s “Madman zhang”.The first version is said to have come from the Red Army period.1935 long March arrived in northern Shaanxi, in the Zhiluo town battle, the soldiers were the enemy’s firepower pressure to lift the head, troops can not advance for a long time, when the head of the Zhang Renchu suddenly took off his coat, bare arms, Shouting a “kill ah!”Galloping with his rifle and his horse between his legs like an arrow from the bow, he rushed at it with a roar, raised his rifle and his sword, and he destroyed this point of fire.In his spirit of not afraid of death, the regiment of soldiers are inspired, doubled the courage to eliminate the enemy at one stroke.After the war, the name “Zhang Madman” spread.The second version is from the Anti-Japanese War period.One time, Zuo Quan, chief of staff of the Eighth Route Army, commanded the main force to attack Xi County.Zhang Renchu was ordered to lead the enemy to reinforce xi County.Xi County has only one road leading to the county seat in the southeast, and a river runs along the road in the northeast.He took the river as his boundary and kept the enemy in the gutter all the time. He sent two of his three companies to intercept and one to reserve.The battle lasted from three o ‘clock in the afternoon until the evening, when he sent the health team to take part in the battle.In the fierce battle, commander 7 repeatedly withdrew, saying, “The enemy attack is too fierce, it is difficult to stop.”Responsible for supervising the war battalion health team captain immediately reported to Zhang Renchu: “colonel, 7 repeatedly long can not hold the Devil, pulled down.”Zhang Renchu said, “Tell him to return to his position immediately. He must defend his position to the death and must not retreat!”The health captain conveyed the order of Chang Renchu to the commander of company 7.The company commander reorganized his troops for resistance and drove the enemy back.Some time later, the company commander came back and said, “The enemy’s attack was so fierce that some of our soldiers could not hold on any longer.”The health captain reported the situation to Zhang Renchu.At this time, Zhang Renchu said seriously: “Tell the commander of the 7th company that if he cannot hold the position, I will shoot him!”Not long after, the company commander again organized his troops to attack and desperately recaptured the lost ground.Zhang Renchu ordered the commanders of the 7th company to hold their positions with determination and command methods to resolutely complete the combat mission, because once the strong enemy broke through the past, it would threaten the troops to attack the battle in Xi County.In this battle, Zhang Renchu faced strong resistance and ensured the key battle in xi County under the command of the chief of staff of left Power.It took more than two days for xi County to win the battle.Zhang Renchu’s interception and assistance played an important role in ensuring the victory of the main force.As a result of the war played cruel, heroic, Zhang Renchu was once again called “Zhang madman”.The third version is from the breakout.In May 1939, more than 3,000 people from the 115th Division of the Eighth Route Army and local party and government organs were surrounded by more than 8,000 Japanese puppet troops in the narrow land area east of Feicheng, preparing to encircle and annihilate.In addition to the organs of the 115th Division, the main force is the three companies of the 2nd battalion of the 686 Regiment led by Zhang Renchu, and the division guard company plus a cavalry platoon.The night before the battle, Zhang Renchu went to accept the divisional mission back, immediately called a meeting of cadres, deployment of the battle.At the meeting, he assigned each member of the Party committee to take charge of a company and fought to the end.He himself was no exception, in charge of the sixth company, accompanied by a battalion party committee member who oversaw his own operations.Zhang Renchu organized three companies behind a large stone to snipe the enemy’s outflanking attack.The 686th repulsed nine enemy charges.On the seventh charge they were separated from the division by the siege of the enemy.But due to the proper command of Zhang Renchu, the regiment or beat back the enemy again and again.The instructor of company 7 was a red Army veteran, brave and experienced.When the battle was critical, he led a squad directly into the enemy group, under the condition of being wounded, a succession of stabbed to death 43 Japanese soldiers.Due to the number of Japanese troops too many, the battle is very fierce, from the morning, has been playing to more than 7 o ‘clock in the evening, 7 company finally left only a dozen people.However, Zhang Renchu organized troops after a fierce battle, and finally shattered the Japanese attempt to separate the 686 regiment and organs.When night came, Zhang Renchu and others to guard division and local party and government organs out of the encirclement.Then, they buried the dead comrades, carried the wounded comrades to break out, straight to the western Shandong area.As a result, in the dark night, Zhang Renchu also took his horse out of the siege.The next day, the Japanese prepared to outflank 115 division division, the results around the quiet, rushed in, found the encircled circle empty, exclaim: “Did the eighth route Army fly to the sky?”Zhang Renchu’s good fighting, let Chairman MAO in Yan ‘an know.When the Yan ‘an cadres went to the Shandong front, Chairman MAO met them and could not help telling them, “There is a man named Zhang Renchu in Shandong province who is very capable of fighting.”