A carpenter came home at midnight, saw a white lantern hanging in front of his door and became suspicious. Wife: I am saving you

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During the Reign of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, there was a young man named Luo Yuanqi in Fuyuanhe County, Suzhou. His parents were farmers.The old carpenter was very satisfied with Luo yuanqi’s talent and taught him his own skills.In just three years, he learned to perfection.Unfortunately, luo Yuanqi caught a serious illness as soon as he was a teacher. Looking at his apprentice on his deathbed, the old carpenter took out all his savings and spent countless thoughts to cure him.To this end, Luo Yuanqi was moved and vowed to repay his kindness.The old carpenter sighed: “Ah, you say so, for the teacher really have something to ask.”It turned out that the old carpenter had a daughter named Wu Meibi. She was kind and good at wood work, but she was plain. He wanted to save a sum of money for his daughter and find a good husband’s family.Hearing this, Luo yuanqi said, “Master has no idea. In fact, you have a crush on your sister, too. I dare not say it because I come from a humble background.Old did not rejoice of pull daughter to ask: “do you want?”Wu Meibi blushed and nodded. The old carpenter even said “hello” three times and decided to let the two get married half a month later.Five years later, the old carpenter died of illness. After he left, the couple lived together.Luo Yuanqi makes money to support the family, Wu Meibi takes care of the housework, although they get married for a long time, but as sweet as a newlywed couple.One day, the couple were resting at home when they heard a knock at the door.When he opened the door, he found a handsome young man. When he saw Luo yuanqi, he immediately knelt down and kowtowed. “Master,” he said, “please accept his disciple’s respect.”Luo Yuanqi was confused and asked what was going on.Later, he called himself Ningkang, but came from a foreign country. Hearing that Luo Yuanqi was a master of wood, he came to visit his master.Luo Yuanqi remembered that he had studied art with his master, moved out of compassion, and immediately agreed to accept him as a disciple.But a great calamity came upon us, and nearly cost us our lives. What happened, we will see.Ning Kang entered the door, performance is particularly hard, Luo Yuanqi is very satisfied, has brought him to the side, master two inseparable, good as if one person.But his talent is ordinary, learning very slow make a person headache unceasingly.On this day, luo Yuanqi went to work for three days at the request of liu, the rich man in the neighboring village.Luo said to his disciple, “Go with your teacher and learn how to work.”However, Ning Kang pretended to be ill and refused to go even though he was dead.”Oh, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Go home.”Then, the teacher and his disciples are angry.Luo Yuanqi soon arrived at liu’s house, after a busy, finally completed in the middle of the third day.Seeing that it was getting late, Liu wanted to let him stay overnight, but Luo yuanqi evasive: “Thank you, I don’t trust my wife alone at home, I need to go home at once.”I do not know why, along the way Luo Yuanqi felt confused, could not help but speed up the pace.Wait until the door but blindfolded, I saw two white lanterns hanging on the door, the ground is scattered paper money, clearly is just dead.Luo Yuanqi went in and heard crying. He peered in through the window and found some officials in the room. His wife was kneeling and crying bitterly.Just as he was about to enter the room, he heard Wu Meibi crying: “Lord, my husband is dead. Please don’t bother him any more.Hearing this, Luo yuanqi thought something strange was going on, so he hid until the official left and came out to see his wife.He asked, “My wife, what do you mean by hanging lanterns and setting up a funeral hall?”Wu meibi quickly pulled her husband and said, “I’m saving you. You committed a serious crime.”It turned out that a day ago, someone had seen Luo Yuanqi followed a woman into the suburbs of the woods, then heard screaming, the man went over to look, found the woman dead in the woods, he immediately reported Luo Yuanqi did.Luo yuanqi’s face changed greatly and said, “I have been working in Liu’s house these days, and someone has testified for me.”Wu Meibi way: “I also think about this matter, but why there will be another you, can not help but make people suspect, fortunately, MY wit, using wooden people practice, put down the funeral hall to deceive the official, saved you.”Luo Yuanqi moved, and asked ning Kang where?At the mention of her apprentice, Wu meibi became furious and said, “The official would have left long ago. If your apprentice had not interfered, she would not have lingered until now.”Luo Yuanqi frowned and told his wife about that day.Wu Meibi way: “is it possible that this person has something fishy?”Luo Yuanqi said, “It needs to be observed in secret.”Later, the couple secretly came to Ning Kang’s home, saw his door locked, and no one in.Just as he was about to leave, a big snake came out of the ground and immediately climbed into the house, took off a leather case and changed into Luo Yuanqi.He smiled darkly and said, “When I commit crimes tomorrow with this skin on my head, the authorities will have to believe me.”At this point, the couple on the eaves surprised, Wu Meibi way: “is it really him?Is there any great hatred between you?”Luo shook his head and said he did not know. If he wanted to clear his wrongs, he had to catch the snake dressed in Luo yuanqi’s skin and go to court.After some discussion, the two came up with a clever plan.The next morning, fake Luo Yuanqi secretly out, looking for a woman, then followed for the opportunity to attack.The two of them went out of town one after the other. When they reached the grove, the woman suddenly stopped and turned to smile at him.The fake Luo yuanqi looked at her and saw that it was Wu Meibi. He also smiled and said, “My wife, what are you doing here? I’m following you because I’m afraid you might be in danger.”At this time in the woods, real Luo Yuanqi and group of officials qi qi came out, he said: “Don’t act, I know you are Ning Kang, should call you snake demon the most appropriate.”Seeing the scandal, the fake Luo yuanqi did not hide it and turned himself into a snake. It said, “Yes, I am Ning Kang, and I am looking for revenge on you, but I can’t believe it will fall short.”It turned out that when Luo Yuanqi was seriously ill, the doctor had told the old carpenter that he needed snakeskin to save him.The old carpenter thought that snakeskin is not a rare thing, so he went to the mountains to look for it.Unexpectedly, he found the skin of a female snake that had walked quite a long way.This snake skin has certain magic power. It was left by the mother snake to her unborn child before her death, but was picked up by the old carpenter.The baby snake was born without snakeskin nourishment, so it was extremely difficult to practice and suffered everywhere.Until a few years later, it has a certain way, decided to smell, to find the people who ate him revenge.After meeting Luo Yuanqi, he realized that he was no match for him, so he tried to use a plot against him.It first killed a young boy, took his skin and changed into his appearance, and paid homage to Luo Yuanqi.Then they collected the skin and hair of Luo Yuanqi and made it into his appearance, and used the skin to do bad things.I thought I could succeed, but I thought I was spoiled by Wu Meibi, and finally it fell short.Knowing the truth, Luo yuanqi said, “Master did it unintentionally, but you should not have killed two innocent people.Voice just fall, then take out open mountain axe and snake fight in one place.Within ten rounds, the snake was hit in the vital and fell dead.Luo Yuanqi turned to the official and said, “Brother, do you believe that I am innocent?”The officers nodded and dragged the snake back to life.Later, the deeds of snake bewitch of husband and wife two wisdom fight spread streets and alleys, 2 people also understand mission eventually, the rest of life except do carpentry work, still use fang shu bewitch except demon.Two people accumulate countless Yin virtue, all live to 80 years old just die without suffering.