Zhang Kun, Secretary of Taixing Municipal Party Committee: Take the development road of “production development, rich life, good ecology”

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People’s Daily Online Taizhou February 18 (Zhang Yufeng) On the morning of the 18th, Jiangsu Taixing held a national civilized city and urban construction traffic work conference, which is also the local “first meeting of the Spring Festival”.Review meetings over the past year civilized city create traffic and urban construction work situation, study the deployment of the New Year work tasks, to mobilize the whole city struggle, forge ahead, and to consolidate deepen the national civilized city, high standard, high quality to promote the urban construction, speed up the city to produce fusion, “junior” synergy of city.Since the launch of the new round of national Civilized City establishment in 2021, all towns (streets) and departments (units) in Taixing City have done fruitful work based on the establishment for the people and long-term management.Facing the work of the New Year, Wang Liang, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee of the CPC and Minister of Publicity, said at the meeting that Taixing will stick to the feelings of the people and commit itself to the permanent and long-term development of the national civilized city.Focus on problems and weak spots, take targeted measures to effectively improve the quality and efficiency of building civilized cities;Improve the system, layer upon layer compaction responsibility, resolutely win the national civilized city to create a tough battle.”In the past year, we have been problem-oriented, focused on strengthening our weak links and laid a solid foundation. Taixing has further improved its function, quality and appearance, and people’s sense of gain and happiness has been constantly enhanced.”Zhang Kun, secretary of Taixing Municipal Party Committee, was pleased to say that five main roads in the city have been widened and renovated, and four secondary roads have been opened to traffic. The urban traffic pressure has been effectively alleviated, the rural highway infrastructure system has been accelerated, substantial progress has been made in major transportation infrastructure, and the urban traffic pattern has undergone new and gratifying changes.In addition, a number of schools, hospitals and other key livelihood projects have been completed and put into operation, the Gulou Xintiandi and other commercial service facilities have been put into operation, a “10-minute park circle” has been basically formed, and the coverage of quality public service resources has been expanded.In terms of convenient city image, Taixing takes the establishment of a civilized city as the leadership, carries out in-depth special rectification of “small and micro” problems, and insists on paying equal attention to construction and management, while simultaneously promoting management and service. Civilized practice is deeply rooted in people’s hearts, and the city appearance environment and social civilization show a new look.Zhang Kun said that the achievement should also be soberly aware that there are still a lot of gaps in the work compared with the goal of building a coordinated benchmark city of “health, production and production”, the requirements of establishing a national civilized city, and the new needs and expectations of the masses.The meeting pointed out that this year is the first year of building benchmark cities, and the special mission should have strong responsibility. We should not only look at the overall situation and plan for positioning, but also focus on specifics and promote implementation.This year is a critical year for the construction of civilized cities. Special tasks should be carried out with great efforts. We should not only fight hard, but also make efforts to improve quality and efficiency.This year is the end of three years of urban construction traffic action, special nodes to have excellent results, not only to grab the progress, close the tail, but also important connection, and start again.City is the carrier and symbol of modernization and the key to the integration of urban and rural development.Zhang Kun said that Taixing should unswervingly follow the civilized development path of “development of production, rich life and good ecology”, explore a new way in “building a benchmark city of integration of industry and city and coordination of ‘production, production and production'”, and draw a blueprint for taixing’s development, strengthen support and make full momentum.”To create a national civilized city and promote the upgrading of urban construction is related to the long-term development of Taixing, related to all walks of life, benefits the city’s people, everyone is the main force, everyone is responsible.We should adhere to the city’s ‘one chess game’, build a strict promotion system, form a joint effort to ensure the orderly implementation and efficient implementation of all work.”Zhang Kun said.