Wu Hwa-yan, a female student who ate hot pepper bibimbap for five years to save money and save her brother, died at the age of 43 pounds.

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In order to save money to help her younger brother, she suffered from chronic malnutrition. As a result, she was only 1.35 meters tall and weighed only 43 kilograms during her 24 years of life.She suffered all the painful things in the world. Fate did not help her out of the predicament, but accelerated her life course with a rare disease that is difficult to cure. Misfortune, loss and turbulence have become the key words in her life.So what happened to her?This issue character observation takes you to know this female college student Wu Hua Yan together.Wu Huayan was born in Tongren city, Guizhou Province. When she was four years old, her mother suffered from an unknown disease. Before the family was ready, her mother fell ill and died just one day later.From then on, she lived alone with her father and her brother, who suffered from intermittent psychosis.She thought that although she was not rich, she could take a turn for the better. The hard times would eventually come to an end and the family could work together to overcome difficulties. However, something more unexpected happened, her father suffered from liver cirrhosis when she was 18.The family was already one of the country’s poorest families, and could only scrape by on a monthly subsistence allowance of 300 yuan. There was no way to afford expensive medical expenses.Half a year later, his father died, sister and brother two people hug and cry, can only allow crying to cover up the inner sense of helplessness.After his father died, Wu Huayan and his younger brother moved to his uncle’s home, the day under the care of others is not good, but there is no way.Younger brother is her only family member, she really does not want to lose younger brother again, although younger brother also suffers from disease, but Wu Huayan still wants to save a sum of money, rescue his younger brother.After entering the campus, Wu Huayan will save to the extreme.In order to save a small amount of money, during the three years of high school, she did not even have a breakfast, and usually used steamed bread for lunch and dinner, not even a meat bag.Not only that, even when she went to the canteen occasionally, she only made a portion of rice, and seldom made other dishes.According to a classmate at the time, Wu would bring bad peppers to school, and she ate rice mixed with peppers for five years.In extreme cases, she ate sweet potatoes brought from home without spending a penny.Such years of not willing to eat, resulting in Wu Huayan serious malnutrition, body resistance to serious decline, can not develop well, not tall, feet will appear swelling, grow not small packages.She often wobbles and walks much more slowly than most people.Village people see her situation advised her to use the money to go to school to see a doctor, after all, the body is the most important, but she does not think so, she thinks that reading to have a way out, in order to make money, to help her brother treatment.The Wu Huayan body of the third year of high school has appeared a very serious problem, the hair on the body began to fall off in a large range, not only the hair, even the eyebrows will fall down, but the Wu Huayan that worries about spending money still did not go to the hospital to check, just casually looking for street vendors to buy unknown ointment home daub.At the same time, the younger brother’s mental illness is getting worse and worse, he runs everywhere, even his own sister do not know.Her heart was very worried when she saw her brother talking gibberish and his eyes glazed over.Wu sent her brother to Huakang Hospital in Tongren’s Songtao County for treatment. Although covered by medical insurance, she still had 5,000 yuan left, which was still a large sum for her.In order to get the money, she went to relevant organizations and wrote more than 20 applications to raise money, until in the summer vacation of 2017, she finally made up the rest of the hospital expenses.Ms. Wu wept with emotion as she watched her brother receive treatment.After graduation, Wu Huayan was admitted to Guizhou Shenghua Vocational College, majoring in economics. Although it was only a junior college, she still fulfilled her dream of going to college. After being admitted to college, everything seemed to be getting better.Younger brother’s mental illness has been effectively controlled after treatment, has been able to work in the restaurant in their hometown to make money, cruel fate makes sister and younger brother two people become each other’s most solid rely on, they have the deepest fetters, they hope the future can be better and better.However, in October 2019, Wu’s condition deteriorated again and she had to go to the hospital.After examination, doctors concluded that she suffered from cardiogenic edema, nephrogenic edema and other diseases.The doctor’s note also said Wu was suffering from progeria, a rare disease that causes patients to age rapidly and usually only live to be about 20 years old. There is currently no effective treatment, but only appropriate medicine, which cannot be completely cured.When the elder sister was hospitalized, the younger brother also resigned from his job to accompany the elder sister, wu Huayan, a junior student, was emaciated on the sickbed.As a result of the long-term lack of nutrition, she is only 1.35 meters tall and weighs only 43 jin. She looks like a child in her early ten years. Her limbs are extremely thin and she has little strength.Wu Huayan’s experience has been affecting the hearts of all walks of life, the media also rushed to report her story and illness.Tongren Civil Affairs Bureau has been paying close attention to the report of Wu Huayan.Since the implementation of the rural subsistence allowance system, songtao County Civil Affairs Bureau has not only issued subsistence allowances for the two siblings, but also provided temporary assistance. When Wu Huayan’s condition worsened, the civil affairs department not only solved the emergency relief fund, but also assisted all departments to continue to pay attention to Wu’s situation.In addition to the help of the media and civil affairs authorities, charities also helped Wu raise some relief funds.On October 25, 2019, 9958 rescue Center immediately verified and evaluated Wu Huayan’s family after receiving the demand for help, confirming the fact that Wu Huayan’s family was poor and critically ill.Family members helped fill out the application form for relief, 9958 rescue center immediately started to help Wu Huayan out of the plight of the fundraising project, people from all walks of life have given love, contributed to a share of their own strength, micro public welfare platform and water drop public welfare platform for Wu Huayan raised nearly 1 million yuan.The Spring Festival of 2020 is approaching, but Wu Huayan has left the world at the age of flower.After repeated attempts to revive her, she died of heart failure at the age of 24.Before her death, she also expressed the idea of donating her body to the principal of her school and her brother, and her body was eventually donated to the Human Anatomy Teaching Experimental Center of the Basic Medical School of Guizhou Medical University for teaching and scientific research.So far, the frustrations of life wu Hua Yan can finally have a good rest.She died, but questions have been raised about where the money raised for her by 9958 was ultimately spent.Because until Wu Huayan died, a total of one million donations, only 20,000 yuan allocated to her accounts.The 9958 center later issued an official statement, saying it had only allocated 20,000 yuan due to the intervention of the township organization and Wu’s family.The statement drew criticism from netizens, including the head of Wu’s hometown, who said the center had never contacted them and that they had no right to intervene in wu’s private case.Opinions vary, it is hard to predict whether it is true or not. Even after Wu Huayan died, there were many disputes. 9958 Rescue Center once said that it would make the donation public later, but there is still no follow-up until today.Wu Huayan’s life is tortuous, even if she has now passed away, the discussion, hype this matter still exist.Looking back on her life again, even though she was so unfortunate, she still blossomed a strong flower of life in the unfortunate land.Her optimism is worthy of all applause for her, can offer her the most wonderful praise of life.Well, that’s the end of the episode.If you like my article, please give me a thumbs up, comment and forward, your encouragement will be my motivation to write better articles.