The slogan was indeed wrong: Can a safe energy be used at will?Ann can?Ann can

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V A few days ago, Mr. Sima Nan posted a picture which implicitly criticized two slogans on an office building. He thought that the slogan was inappropriate and the meaning of the slogan was reversed (see screenshot 1).This was originally a question of common sense, but some netizens disagreed, saying sima nan was splitting hairs and there was nothing wrong with the two banners.The reason is that the unit is called aneng, and the word aneng is the noun of the unit in this context.I don’t think such excuses and justifications are right.I don’t know the full name of the unit, but apparently Anneng is short for the unit.As stipulated by the State, all abbreviations used in official documents shall be marked: hereinafter referred to as XX.To prevent misinterpretation or ambiguity.The banner hanging in the unit is not a couplet, but a propaganda slogan.Slogan is also a kind of official document, official document must be in accordance with the provisions of official document, otherwise there will be ambiguity or misinterpretation.Some people say that the word anneng should be analyzed in context (see attached 2 screenshot).So we need to understand, first of all, what context is.Context is the context in which language is used.Although the banner of the unit is hung above the building of the unit, the contextual effect has already exceeded the unit, otherwise it will not be the headline.To sum up, no matter as a noun, or context, are unreasonable.Admit your mistakes when you’re wrong.Call it an energy, and you can’t just use it.