Unforgettable youth over the years

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Song Xuedong Today is 2022 Renyin New Year’s Day, brimming with joy, everyone is happy.Happy New Year, wish to.Good luck, welcome.Auspicious Tiger noisy, life backgammon.Prosperous good luck year, healthy year.Early in the morning to look at the phone, blessing new and strange words.Now the New Year is very different, happy New Year sound and painting everything.At this moment, touching the scene, 50 or 60 years ago, in the hometown of the same city on the first day of the New Year, and vividly in sight, one by one, is actually so clear unforgettable, lingering for a long time.Our old house of the Song family is located at No. 8-12, West Street, Xiangru Gucheng, Pengan County, close to the famous Jinping restaurant (which was run by the Supply and Marketing Association of Jinping District) in pengan County in the last century, opposite to the south gate and the south gate gate Tower.Peng an county in the 1950s and 1960s is not a well-known catchphrase: “1447, catch the inclined stream (now Jinxi town), 2558, catch the city, < now brocade screen as before the city).3 69, catch zhoukou < namely now peng an county).In those years, every three days, when the day, especially many people, each town is very hot.Jinping town rural rural people, love to jinping street market, called to the city market (Pengzhou old county, like the old city).In those days, there were more people going to the market in the winter and the twelfth lunar month, especially after the twentieth of the twelfth lunar month, there were more people in Jinping Street.Brocade screen big food shop is noisy, lively.A lobby, 20 tables, almost crowded, no seats.For dinner, for cold noodles, for stir-fried vegetables and wine, you name it.What impressed me most was that yao Jianzhi, the master of the big food restaurant next to my house (Yao Heigou, an educated youth from Lingjiang Town, and The father of Yao Shilin, a retired worker of Jinping Supply and Marketing Co., China), was even more busy.Rolling pin sound incessant in the daytime, knock quite loud and quite a sense of rhythm, is so clear and pleasant.In the evening, I have to work overtime to catch up with the New Year's goods.Uncle Yao makes the most delicious pot helmet in Pengan County.The dough is good, the pastry is delicate and fragrant, and the casserole is big, round and crisp.Turn the pot over slowly with a slight fire, turn the pot over while beating the pot, turn the pot over inside the oven, turn around in turn, hot and fragrant pot will appear in your hands, the inside is crisp, mellow fragrance, quite hanging tongue bud.It was more than a small bowl.Sometimes, just eating the pastry inside, it's like I'm full.In those years it was the planned economy, you needed food stamps to buy food.Or the corresponding non-staple ticket, ticket supply) to catch the season, the evening will work overtime until late at night.On the nights of the Spring Festival, Master Yao tapped on the table, his voice regular and rhythmic.This is a few steps of cooking, but it's very quiet.Sometimes I wake up, still hear Yao Shu in the pot helmet, late at night, in order to meet the needs of the majority of customers, and busy, busy!On the first day of the New Year in the 1960s and 1970s, there were fewer recreational activities and generally no parades.At that time, mahjong disappeared, poker also played less, or arch pigs, or is to compete for the top, there is no fight landlord and so on.Those years New Year's day, we generally do not go to zhoukou county to play.It is to play basketball or table tennis on the playground of our Alma mater Lingjiang Primary School.You can also invite some classmates or friends to walk on the East street and north Street of Xiangru old City, or walk around on the West gate and West Arch Bridge.Look at the children and adults who come from the country to the city to see the excitement of their new red and green clothes.Crowds of beaming faces.Sometimes we would go to our southern gate, by the city wall, and watch our brothers, who were several years older than us, play sugar-cane.It was a beautiful scene, with many spectators gathered in several groups. It was a spectacular scene, and cheers broke out one after another.Some elder brother row sugarcane technology is particularly good, knife quick hand, practice can make perfect, confident, calm and calm battle.It is often a knife that leaks to the root.Everyone cheered, busy to pick up sugar cane to eat.The loser smoked a few and continued to fight.Somehow, there's a lot of stuff, a lot of supply on the market.People's living standards are getting higher and higher.Live in a new residential buildings, see big color TV, enjoy high-definition CCTV, show colorful Spring Festival gala, the entertainment, the highway is free, the red lantern, peng Ann night view lighting picturesque beauty, but I always miss the past youth thick, taste is great, for a long time and never forget lingering teenager those wonderful Chinese New Year happy time!Unforgettable youth, can't help writing.Cherish the present happiness day, more diligent in the year of the tiger!Pengan County Xiangru Poetry and Fu Calligraphy and Painting Academy Song Xuedongji on the first day of 2022