Strong hints of “Selling houses” in the Spring Festival Gala sketch

2022-07-23 0 By

Although this year’s Spring Festival gala is still full of jokes, but as a beacon of the environment over the years, we still want to pay attention to the information released.For example, anti-monopoly and guarantee flexible employment did not appear in the language program, so that the gai mutual love fell for more than a month in the evening of the Spring Festival gala to eat “calcium in calcium”, waist pole suddenly hard up, a breath climbed the stairs for several days.This year, the biggest change in language programs is selling houses.This phenomenon has not occurred in past years.The first sketch, “Father and son”, is about selling housing investment, the second sketch, “not yet”, is about selling housing to repay debts, the fourth sketch, “send red envelopes”, is about selling cars to pay wages.On the surface, it is “borrow, borrow, borrow”, but at the bottom, it is “protect investment”, “protect debt” and “protect employment”.The ultimate way to achieve “three guarantees” is to sell assets.Therefore, according to the vane of the Spring Festival Gala, the second-hand house of the tiger should be not small pressure.Again, there may be an opportunity to buy at a low price for properties with gold content, but for most properties without gold content, if you miss the first half of ’21,’ 22 will be the last opportunity to run high.In the past few years, the political affairs Office has coined some words to explain what houses to buy and what houses to sell, and also used some words already on the market.For example, from “content of branch” to “content of gold”, from “35 line” to “old broken small”.However, due to the complexity of the system and the amount of information needed, as well as the huge differences between different regions, many readers cannot give a clear positioning of the real estate even if they understand the concept. When they talk with readers in detail, they often have to discuss one issue with another.At the end of last year, when we were talking about the middle class, I was inspired by my friend’s mention of “freedom”, which made me realize that there is another dimension that can be used to make a more accurate judgment on real estate in the post-epidemic era, to decide whether to hold or sell.That is to see whether the resident population of this community and block is satisfied with the “freedom of vegetable market”, “freedom of supermarket”, “freedom of online shopping”, “freedom of restaurant”, “freedom of car”, “freedom of real estate”, “freedom of nationality”……And so on different “free gradient”.The higher the degree of freedom of neighbors in the community, the stronger the ability of preserving and increasing the value of the property, and they do not fear the real estate tax. On the contrary, the lower the degree of freedom of the property, the greater the pressure of depreciation.This method is suitable for groups with weak ability to collect public information. By walking around their neighbors and participating in community activities, they can obtain the information they need with a high probability, which is far more accurate than the prediction of experts.For example, even small cities on the verge of financial collapse in the third and fifth tier, as long as the people who control urban resources live, high freedom can still make the price firm. For example, the price of hegang, an Internet star, dropped to several hundred yuan per square meter, and the price of the most expensive community increased by 50% last year.Similarly, two years ago, we strongly recommended selling “old and small”, although they are generally located in the urban centers of first-tier cities, which are in line with the good location in the popular sense, the groups living in them are often the residents with the lowest “freedom” of the whole block.Their corresponding, also happens to be the Spring Festival gala sketch inside the “savings of 700,000 rich second generation”, “400,000 car boss”, “borrowed money from friends do not return the old lai”.They also happen to be the group hardest hit by employment shock (Father and Son), debt shock (Not Paying Back) and cash flow shock (Sending red envelopes) in the post-EPIDEMIC era.That makes them the group most under pressure to sell.Just like the sketch “Give a red envelope” in order to pay employees, the small boss can sell a car of 400,000 yuan for 200,000 yuan.Their low degree of freedom also indirectly indicates that their risk resistance is very poor, and they may face “supply interruption” and forced “selling” at the slightest disturbance.Given supply and demand, if you decide to sell low-value properties this year, it’s better to sell sooner rather than later.