New indigo blue design emgrand L interior officer picture

2022-07-23 0 By

A few days ago, geely official released by the BMA architecture based on new cars – emgrand L | inquiry (parameters) interior official figure.The new car interior styling continues to be consistent with the appearance of the “energy storm” new design style, through the new danqing blue color design, advanced laser radium carving process and large size suspension control screen, is expected to make more consumers favor.It is worth mentioning that “it will be the most anticipated sedan for the second half of the year”, indicating that the car is expected to hit the market this year.Interior, the interior of the new car is designed with the characteristics of Chinese ink and wash painting, which creates a clear, simple and elegant visual experience.At the same time, the design of the console also absorbs the shape of Chinese guqin, smooth lines, improve the visual width of the car.In addition, the three-spoke multi-functional steering wheel with large size suspended central control LCD screen and full LCD instrument is also very in line with the current car needs of young consumers.It is worth mentioning that the car will be equipped with a RWE certified “skin-friendly energy seat” to enhance the ride experience.In terms of details, the official said that the car in the central control panel, door decoration strip, shift panel and other places using “laser radium carving” process, through spraying special paint, laser engraving paint layer and other fine processes, outline a delicate and delicate beam pattern.At the same time, nearly 90% of the interior parts, such as the central console, seats, door panels and armrest boxes, are wrapped with soft materials to strengthen the sense of luxury in the car.In terms of appearance, the new car adopts the new design style of “Energy Storm”, which integrates the user-created idea and makes the overall car more recognizable.At the same time, Emgrand L is also the first KUAN car created with the new design style of “Energy Storm”, which further meets the personalized and diversified needs of young consumer groups.Specifically, the new car adopts the upper and lower “split type” grille modeling, the upper part is the traditional narrow strip shield grille, the lower part is the large mesh polygon design, so that the new car looks very exaggerated, dynamic.At the same time, slim headlights on both sides look bright, and the black trim on the front bumper adds a lot of wild flavor.The waist line on the side is very deep, and the design that runs through the door handle also makes the body look longer.The rear of the new car is simple in shape, with a running through taillight, and the word “GEELY” in the center makes it look younger. Meanwhile, the tail label “Emgrand L” also enhances the recognition of this car.In terms of body size, emgrand L is 4735/1815/1478mm in length, width and height, and 2700mm in wheelbase.In terms of power, the new car will have a 1.4-ton engine with a maximum power of 141 horsepower.