Does Djokovic really play wimbledon?I don’t think so, he’s the all-time number one

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“I don’t think so,” henman said in an interview. “I don’t think so,” djokovic said.There seems to be a chance to return to Wimbledon this year.Djokovic confirmed this week that he had not been vaccinated and would not be in order to play in a Grand Slam.Asked by the BBC if that meant missing out on Grand Slams like the French Open and Wimbledon, the world Number one said: “Yes, it’s a price I’m willing to pay.”However, Henman, a member of the Wimbledon All England Club committee, said he thought Djokovic would be allowed to play at Wimbledon without being vaccinated.Current UK travel guidelines allow unvaccinated travellers to enter and are less restrictive than in other countries such as Australia, where unvaccinated travellers need only have a NEGATIVE PCR test two days before departure and two days after landing.”I don’t think so,” Henman told the BBC when asked if Djokovic would be prevented from playing. “These are the guidelines that Wimbledon will follow at this stage in terms of entering the UK, and at this point [the rules] will be government-led.”Djokovic won Wimbledon in 2021, but Nadal will be desperate to add to his career grand Slam tally after winning his 21st grand Slam title at this year’s Australian Open.”I do understand his concern,” Henman said.”I’d like to reiterate that whether vaccination is definitely his privileges. As a former players and the fans, this may not be what I want to hear in the interview, but may be I expected. As he admitted frankly, he will be strictly limited, but he can go there to travel, so can also be in the absence of vaccination in the competition.””By depriving himself of the opportunity to play in a Grand Slam tournament, he’s certainly jeopardizing his chances of becoming the greatest male player of all time, and I think it speaks to his courage and faith and conviction that it’s best for him,” Henman said.