Beijing property market: remind three times, just need replacement can go to see a house

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Beijing Real Estate Association has more than 10 years of practical experience in the real estate market, has provided investment purchase advice for more than 11,000 families, Beijing is rarely from the macro market into the micro market of every transaction link of the actual experts;Accumulated field survey community more than 10000, more than 1500 trading experience;Help people struggling in the imperial capital to buy a high-quality house, take the bonus of the city’s economic growth, get a certain return!No more than 20% of the houses in Beijing outperform the market. Our selected funds run ahead of the market.The down payment is about 400.Two or three rooms are acceptable.Work place is in west city, near the moon altar.Children in the moon altar primary school, the main consideration of children to go to school convenient.The taiping Bridge area was mainly visited before.Taiping Bridge or line 1 extension line is now considered near the subway room.A: Answer: Hello, thanks for trust!Wishing you a rich and prosperous New Year!1, down 4 million, if according to the two sets of loans and leverage, the principal is a waste, can use other ways to add 5-7 to leverage: concrete need to know about your situation to the plan. 2, Pacific bridge can focus on building are: (1), the first family garden (2 bedroom offer between 640-700, the price of the 3 bedroom above 8.4 million) (The current market situation in Beijing is different from before. After 317 in 2017, the housing price in Beijing rises and falls in a rising period. The quality of core areas and school districts lead the rise, and then the quality is secondary to the overflow areas, and finally the quality is secondary to the remote locations.This is the law of the rise of the big market.Non-core area, non-primary overflow of the plate is generally the end of the big market.And drop market appears, the village with poor and poor quality will drop first in the area with good, good old broken small community.Finally, the quality of the new core section.The quality of the core area is sub-new and more resistant.No industry, no education, no quality will lead to the lack of local purchasing power, falling market is bound to fall first.Use reverse thinking to see is the property market trough which offer the most defensive, is the quotation of led plate present rose’s less and less, got enough budget, as far as possible to choose in the core position of new quality, the quality of the core area times the new general is an indicator of the regional house prices, if prices rise, basic it is led, fell sideways defensive is the strongest.These houses are characterized by brand developers + brand property, building collar new, belong to the scarcity of products in the whole region, the overall living experience is higher than the surrounding community, belongs to the target plate replacement improvement of this region, it is important that this kind of plate in line with the purchasing power of this region.This is also the logic and principle of our main selection. Due to the long-term regulation in Beijing, the purchasing power of the backlog will focus on the improvement of the group. The future market of the new 3 houses or quality 2 houses in the core area is relatively optimistic.Almost become a lone product, from the perspective of investment, the purchasing power of the core area is relatively new, more in line with the mainstream of the future market.The taiping Bridge plate has been relatively solidified, there are not many available buildings, most of which are old residential areas. The advantage is that the location can also be, and the commuting distance of people working in Xicheng Haidian district has an advantage.The above two real estate growth space is relatively large, value preservation and appreciation belongs to the stable type of 2, line 1 to the west can pay attention to the Lugu area of Shijingshan, from the perspective of investment, shijingshan since the only Shougang relocation of the whole region is lack of industrial support, it is very cold,The result is the lack of industry, which leads to relatively weak purchasing power of the whole region. The support of housing price lies in the main overflow area of Haidian district and Xicheng District., shijingshan volume of more than one business circle is LuGu, LuGu volume big reason is that in the eastern gate of shijingshan, close to the haidian, may give preference to undertake wl and haidian just need to purchase group, the whole business circle supporting relatively mature, LuGu has been withheld by the guest in the west of the shijingshan group can focus on two buildings, ocean landscape and hankou-beijing xu city;Ocean scenery between 600-750, the price of the 2 bedroom hankou-beijing xu two-bedroom apartment in the city of price between 500-650, three-bedroom between 750-780, the price of the two plate throughout the shijingshan in the core position, the value is steady, 3, in addition to the above two plates, and a plate from your work unit commuting distance can also, west ring areaLize plate, in Fengtai to buy a house to protect and value-added, the first depends on the concentration of high-tech industry, the second depends on mature supporting, the third depends on quality.Especially the quality of the business circle and humanistic quality is very important.Fengtai no school district housing concept, can only catch these three.Fengtai has neither of these two factors. The housing price is always in a depression. Under the premise of balanced education in the future, high-quality resources will be invested in areas where high-end talents gather; otherwise, Fengtai will not retain people.High quality industrial structure behind means high income, high income can attract a higher level of talent, continuous import talents, all kinds of high-end form a complete set up will be easier, with this basic slowly the area will form a virtuous cycle, will be more and more has the vigor, strength of talent, capital attraction will also continue.The future can be out of the pit to see li ze, fengtai fengtai miss a chance of the rise of many times in the past, li ze total so far at thousands of high-tech + financial enterprises, li ze’s positioning is the second financial street, although li ze best to enter the time has passed, now also be washed N more market theory, but there is a final stage is the supply and demand.From the perspective of real estate investment, the life cycle of a new plate is divided into four stages. The first stage is the CONCEPT of C, the second stage is the land of C, the third stage is the supporting of C, and the last stage is the supply and demand of C, which is the complete life cycle of a plate.Lize was released in 2008, the skeleton was formed in 2015, and the construction began in 19.For 12 years from ’08 to’ 19,Released from the perspective of real estate investment, planning into the whole market all can win, namely from eat fish head to tail, so theoretically li ze best before entering the time planning out and form a complete set of cash, but the majority of investors in the li ze bedding bag, because li ze is 08 planning, 15 years to begin to form skeleton.Therefore, from the practical point of view, the best entry time is 15 years and 18 years. Lize now has only one cycle, namely supply and demand. After all lize enterprises move in, the market dividend will be released when the market situation is full of population.The market of Beijing won’t exceed 5 years basically, after 317 successive 3 years whole whole city property market Yin falls, big family model came a wave last year, small family model came a wave in the first half of this year.So even if the market is completely without favorable policies,3-5 years at least can catch up with a wave of prices.So there’s more to eat in this section.You can pay attention to the dishes of the family camp plate of the smooth chi blues, Jintai City Liwan, Le City, Zhengtai home, these four plates belong to the plate of the sub-new community, there is a certain scarcity, the growth of the later period is more optimistic.About the business circle sort: in order to maximize the investment interests of the Angle: Lize, Taiping Bridge, Lu Gu suggested to take time to read the essence of the planet top article “Beijing real estate investment core logic and principle” I wish all the best, there are questions to ask me Q: Ask:Beijing always good evening, just join today, see you placed at the top of the article, has been thoroughly woke up, I now Beijing housing loan ticket has been used up, Beijing households, parents and room ticket, now don’t have much money, about 200 in cash, could also find some to raise around $300, Beijing non-core plate, such as: well, shunyi, the brink of daxing, BZ also has appeared before,The current price is relatively low, is there any depression? Is there any possibility of BZ next year after the water is released?Can catch before rise buy, thank Beijing general manager, A: Answer: hello, thank trust!These outer suburbs rally unsustainable, you look carefully, the gains in these places may rise within six months, but rose after will have a cooling-off period of three to five years may also have been down, also is the market is not so strong, these plates are deficiency fire up, weaker value lead to purchasing power did not last follow-up,So if you go up this wave, it may be cold for a long time, and there is the possibility of falling back, the persistence is poor and not steady!In these locations, I generally recommend shipping during the rush hour rather than buying.You can clean out the main city second-hand, suggested to read the planet top article “Beijing 7 administrative region edge of the house price early warning research and judgment” wish all the best!Q: Question: Hello, President Jing, 2 tickets for the first suite, available capital of 5 million.Want to use this money as a down payment, buy two sets of investment housing in different areas.For maximum use, how to choose?A: Answer: Hello, thanks for trust!My suggestion may be different from others. I will only buy one set, buy high-quality plates in the core area, and make the first set full. I will eat several rounds with only one room ticket, and leave another room ticket vacant, a complete room ticket.It is suggested to read the articles of the top of the planet seriously “in the next five years desperately change warehouse, short sale miscellaneous dish, only stay bully dish”, WISH everything goes well!Q: How do you do, President Jing?My judgment is that the housing market ZC bottom is now, but the market effect is not obvious.I’m already doing a displacement accordingly, and it’s going to be a 5 month cycle.The house on hand needs to be sold in February and March. The location is better, which is two houses of the north Second Ring Road.It’s a bit of a dilemma: either cut the price and sell as quickly as possible, or stick to the market price and wait.How do you judge the turnover after the Spring Festival?A: Answer: Hello, thanks for trust!Wishing you a rich and prosperous New Year!The current market is on the eve of the hot market, because there is no substantial ZC landing, so the turnover is not significant.The rising characteristics of the market in Beijing are as follows: the turnover continues to rise, and the transaction price gradually falls;For example, in one community, there are 10 units of the same type of house for sale at the same time, the listing price is between 10 million and 10.5 million yuan, and the market is now in the off-season.Houses are not easy to sell;Therefore, the most effective way to close a deal quickly for the first house is to reduce the price. Assuming that the final transaction price of the first house is 9.8 million, then 9.8 million is the latest transaction reference price in this cycle. In order to close a deal for the second house, the price must be reduced to below 9.8 million.And then the third and the fourth and so on;Right now clinch a deal price falls gradually in the process can appear a phenomenon;Is the volume of increasing;In the volume of a certain magnitude after the price of the community began to stop falling and rise, the volume can explain everything, if the volume of a real estate suddenly increased, according to the actual combat experience of the past, the price of the cycle of the popular business circle will not be more than half a month, the general business circle will be in about a month.When is the right time to sell;Property market rising cycle: divided into early and late;Early is volume rises, clinch a deal price falls.Market change result: there are more available houses, which belongs to buyer’s market.In the middle period, the turnover is rising, and the market changes result: the high quality housing in the community will be gradually digested. There are not many housing options, and the rest are mostly low floors facing the street or apartments with hard injuries.Later can choose less house price is higher, The characteristics of Beijing property market is: rise will adjust;If ZC intervenes at the top of the market, the property market may enter the next sideways phase;If it is just need to get on the bus, then the market before starting a good time to belong to the tao bamboo shoots, housing, low prices, more appropriate, there is no need for card up eve to buy in the market, this risk is bigger for you, if the benefit maximization do arrangement: now on the eve of the rose, after should be the first to buy to sell, north two-bedroom apartment market once hot shipment is not sorrow, can catch shipment, when volume increasing price rebound during the proposal in the target area homes they are willing to watch more, understand the mentality of owner changes focus see area there are several kinds of family, how much is the price of the corresponding period, the prices in the price interval have high low, so the corresponding building, floor, decorate what difference.Be aware of these differences within your community.After finding out the situation in a small area, the same way to carry out the second, the third.Normally, a piece optional small area 10 left and right sides, can not waste a lot of time.After completing the vertical comparison between the plots.Two or several communities in the same price segment, what is the difference, which will be more beneficial to the future appreciation, what factors may affect the appreciation and so on.Through the above steps you will find that, in fact, the final can choose very little community, basic also 3-5 community.The checking process, can choose different intermediary, in the house at the same time, so you can conveniently select on the mediation, the mediation can find cooperation, they can help you area monitored this several village, once appear appropriate house, as long as the intermediary a short description, you can immediately know that the suite, and in about how many bamboo plate,Is it worth seeing the house and negotiating a contract right now?So you have absolute judgment of the market;The proposal reads the article that the planet places top seriously “Beijing real estate investment core logic and principle” wish everything goes well, have a problem to ask me again.Q: Question: may I ask how about Jingyue Maoyuan, these two days teng out of a set of 200 flat.A: Answer: Hello, this plate belongs to lize ultimate CEO plate, special groups niche market, circulation rate is relatively low, there is no investment attribute, only several city villas within the fourth ring Road can increase, like Wanliu Wancheng Huafu, school district support, Olympic Village purple Mountain villa, Chaoyang Park Dongshan villa.If it is to improve the self-living, the steady way to buy villas is to avoid hand, most of the quality premium to buy over the guard, can focus on good reputation of second-hand new plate, especially just get the property certificate of the community, most of the owners of villas are company founders or group executives, from the past transaction experience,Part of the urgent sale is the company’s poor management needs a large amount of money for blood transfusion, such houses are generally 30% to 20% of the market price, you can focus on this kind of property.Villa premium space 30 million 10% range is a normal phenomenon, more than 50 million 10-15 is a normal phenomenon.Over 80 million 20% is within the normal range, wish all the best!Above questions from the public, | han shu will focus on the public, han shu will enter the “planet” knowledge for questioning, craigslist