SHH!I got the Internet police shu Shu’s New Year’s Eve dinner menu

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Red lanterns eye-catching Spring Festival couplets vice vice to the old in addition to family reunion like gathering friends and relatives to meet the blessing of the New Year’s Eve dinner to eat is not only food, but also reunion, happiness, peace of mind.Tomorrow will be Chinese New Year, the net police uncle prepared a New Year’s Eve dinner menu, for the majority of netizens reference.In the New Year, I hope this special dinner can bring you good luck, protect “tiger” wealth, keep peace!Liuhe “pig” first meat pig plate fraud began in love heat in investment finally fraud analysis “pig plate” refers to the name of dating, through “love” to obtain trust, the temptation of the victim to gambling, futures and other fraud website investment, to be the victim will be all savings after investment, quickly disappeared.Siniperca chuatsi (mandarin Fish), a Chinese language website, analyzes the fake text messages issued by criminals posing as official agencies, and induces victims to click on the links of fake websites, thus obtaining sensitive information such as id cards, bank card numbers and passwords, and mobile verification codes, and finally emptying the money in the cards.”And” small yellow fish part-time brush single brush single part-time easy to encounter fraud analysis of criminals under the banner of “Internet at home can make a lot of money”, to attract the victim to participate.Victims receive a small refund for their first order.When the victim to complete the follow-up large tasks, lawbreakers will be “incorrect operation, card sheet” and other excuses, let the victim constantly transfer payment.Sea “loan” knot roast meat network loan fraud loans did not reach the account of the deposit also did not approach analysis lawbreakers under the banner of “no mortgage, low interest, fast to the money”, issued false loan advertising.After the victim applies for a loan, he deceives the victim to transfer money with various reasons such as payment of commission fee, security deposit and operation timeout.Cumin roast sheep “back” customer service refund fraud actively come to the “seller” is not a good person!Methods to analyze the criminals fake after-sales service staff, on the grounds of “quality problems of goods”, take the initiative to contact the victim for compensation and refund.During the refund and compensation period, the suspect will lure the victim into continuously transferring money and remitting money on the grounds of insufficient payment credit and frozen account.Fraud prevention eight-treasure rice pudding holiday joy much fraud prevention don’t slack off “eight who are fraud who claim to be” minor “who transfers are required to transfer you to the” security account “winning all notice, want you to pay money for families who said an accident immediately remittances who ask for bank card number verification code that will accept check all claim to leadership you open net silver to” borrow “to youAlways ineffable registration of bank card information of this New Year’s Eve dinner is sumptuous?Have you learned anything?No matter how new the scheme, the essence of fraud is to swindle money.Hope that the majority of netizens can improve the ability to detect fraud against fraud, not greedy for petty profits, protect personal IDENTITY cards, bank cards, verification code and other sensitive information, to avoid personal property losses.In the New Year, the public security authorities will continue to crack down on such illegal and criminal activities to protect people’s safety and well-being.Internet police 2 to the masses of netizens Good luck in the year of the tiger image capture materials | | network Internet police in jiangsu edit | Guo Shuyang