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Linjiang Xian Zhang Boshou firecrackers residue day is not xiao, jin Furnace fine 爇 (ruO) smoke.Children and grandchildren play colorful fang Fresh.Total pour yuanri wine, with wish big toon years.I wish my children and grandchildren as long as I live, high and low wealth according to fate.You don’t need a lot of money and land.Poetry is the inheritance of the world, innocence is family.Jiang Tingxi rarely heard firecrackers in the city.While in the countryside, firecrackers and fireworks ignite the enthusiasm of the whole Spring Festival.The poem describes the situation during the ancient Spring Festival: firecrackers were lit before dawn, children and grandchildren wore bright clothes, and drank together to wish longevity.The poet also hopes that his children and grandchildren can live as long as he does. It doesn’t matter whether they are rich or powerful. They don’t need high office or wealth, and they don’t need a lot of land.Just like a very popular pair of Spring Festival couplets: loyal family far poetry long proofreading Sheng Yuanyuan