Municipal market supervision administration: brush fried letter “praise” behind the fear is a trap

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Nowadays, online shopping at home has become an important way of consumption for some people.However, online shopping after the “praise” is difficult to distinguish between true and false, troubling the majority of consumers.In recent days, the reporter interviewed many consumers like to buy online, most consumers think, check commodity quality and reputation, can only check “praise”.But in the network brush single “water army” under the control of consumers are often easy to be fooled.Lanzhou Municipal Administration of Market Supervision suggests that when consumers shop online, if the evaluation content of a product is full of uniformly long paragraphs of praise, the content is almost the same, there will be false praise suspicion, no matter how good the evaluation is, we should keep an eye on the product, do not believe in “praise”.At the same time, consumers should take the initiative to reject illegal behaviors such as paid orders and favorable reviews provided by e-commerce platforms, and jointly create a safe and secure consumption environment.”Online shopping goods are very good, but after receiving the goods, open a look, things are not satisfactory.”Ms. Zhu, who works in a kindergarten, said she often buys goods online, but when they arrive, she finds they are not as good as described.So when she contacted after sales of the store, the other party actually “disappeared”, but she could only give the store a bad review.Later, after mediation, the seller agreed to return the goods, but on the premise of changing the bad evaluation to good evaluation. In order to solve the matter, Ms. Zhu changed the evaluation.From this matter can be seen, on the net a lot of shop praise is to use a special “relationship” to maintain up, which is very irresponsible to online shopping consumers.Ms. Xu of the citizen likes to buy things online likewise, buy things online became a part of her life, household appliances of articles for daily use, household appliances, can face tens of thousands of “praise”, she discern hard true and false, had encountered the businessman with good reputation, had also encountered poor credit, now it seems, “praise” can not judge the stand or fall of the businessman.”Praise” are brush out of “‘ praise ‘is brush out, there is a special brush hand in operation.”Ms. Song, who runs a women’s clothing store in the Eastern wholesale market, opened an online store a year ago in addition to her physical store.Just opened shop, a week can not sell a few goods, later, under the guidance of “professionals”, she in a single platform to brush 500 yuan, trying to improve sales, did not expect the store level increased a lot, so she cast twice, the store level again.Ms. Song said, shop grade and “praise” is very important, and shop grade and “praise” are money “buy” out, “praise” is often by “water army” do up, want to join the team, need to pay dues, a month to do enough 300 single, joining dues in the form of bonus return.The membership fee is equivalent to a deposit and prevents members from leaving without saying goodbye.So how do these people brush their bills?Ms song says, “water army” are some web masters, is the professional brush list, they through QQ function of remote control other computer payment task list, complete the task may obtain commission 2 yuan, on account of the requirement is the real-name authentication account level in more than one heart, and to confirm the goods quantity no more than 6 pieces per week, no more than 14 items per month,Limiting the number of purchases a brusher can make is an effort to avoid screening.”Consumers who often shop online certainly know that every time they open the web page, the price of all kinds of goods is too attractive, and ‘praise’ more, and there are traps in the second kill, one yuan to grab the goods, but found that the freight to 50 yuan.Still have, general second kill commodity does not execute three packets, have no quality assurance.”The market Supervision Administration network transaction supervision department related person in charge of the introduction, Lanzhou city currently registered about 40 shopping platforms, brush and stir letter is the State Administration for Market Regulation to crack down on behavior.But according to relevant regulations, each online shopping platform is overseen by local market regulators, who cannot investigate online shopping platforms in other places.If there is an illegal act, they can send a letter of assistance to the local market regulator, who can investigate and deal with it.At present, there are many new forms of online business, such as Kuaishou, Douyin live tape and so on.However, no relevant measures and laws and regulations have been introduced at all levels, only emphasizing norms, while the sales mode of live broadcasting with goods is very common, and most of the problems involved are product quality and false publicity.At present, in view of brush single fry letter problem, each place market supervision department is severe blow, big buy net platform self-discipline is stronger, it can be believed.In addition, for some small online stores, due to limited technical means, the market supervision department is not able to supervise, so the problem of brush letter has always existed, the relevant departments have also been fighting, but can not be cured.It is suggested that consumers should pay attention to merchants’ qualifications and delivery time, express delivery and logistics when purchasing goods online. They should try to choose regular e-commerce companies with larger operation scale, higher reputation level and better consumer evaluation, and beware of phishing and fraud websites.To view the details of the product, beware of brushing fried letter, beware of illegal e-commerce through brushing fried letter to deceive consumers, but also should take the initiative to reject the e-commerce platform to provide paid brushing, brushing praise and other illegal behaviors, to jointly create a safe and secure consumer environment.Lanzhou Daily all media reporter Sangjie just let