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Also say Chinese New Year home Prose: Also say Chinese New Year text: Words mu last century of seven, 80’s, for the children at that time, Chinese New Year is the most happy thing.After the winter vacation, they only look forward to the last month, looking forward to the New Year.Because of the Spring Festival, we can have new clothes to wear, new shoes to change, and also receive some lucky money.Because of the Chinese New Year, they can play crazy, flying mood for a few days, do not have to worry about homework.Because of the Spring Festival, people are busy visiting relatives, home is also a wave of people, coming and going, very busy.More importantly, because of the Chinese New Year, usually reluctant to eat things, those days can be strong bad, home guests away, the table left out of the melon seeds, peanuts, candy, as long as don’t waste, the adults at home is not to blame.After entering the twelfth month, the village can hear the sound of slaughtering pigs every day, up and down.The cries of pigs, although very harsh, but people are very happy, very comfortable, because they have been raised in captivity for most of the year, is to prepare for the New Year.If there is no meat on the table, it is not the Chinese New Year. If there is no meat on the table, it is not the Chinese New Year. If there is no meat on the table, it is not the Chinese New Year.Only after the first pig is killed, can housewives show their skill with the whole piece of pork as the main ingredient, boiling, steaming, frying, pickled, fried, everything has to be ready, in order to settle down for the New Year.Listen to the adults say, the New Year is difficult.But the children did not understand, and just played madly.Grow up to understand.The circumstances of the Spring Festival vary greatly from family to family.Chinese New Year, the family is better off, can afford to buy more food, willing to buy different types of firecrackers, let the children take out, as long as the yard does not ignite combustibles out of the fire, the village will always from time to time out of the splat sound of firecrackers.At home, the head of the money, very anxious to spend a penny broken into two parts, careful calculation, always very thrifty, dare not lavish, in order to long flow, can not be in the New Year’s day these days to toss the pocket empty.Also said that in the lunar New Year, people met the most keen to talk is, whose pig is the strongest, on the scale there are two hundred pounds, whose pig only eighty pounds, kill some of the pity.Who kills a few cocks, who can spare two old hens.Whose old man’s birthday is to be celebrated, whose new yard is to be celebrated.Whose sideline business made a fortune this year, whose people had an accident outside the trouble.Whose kid got in trouble, whose girl got in trouble, etc.New Year’s Day, red Spring Festival couplets posted on the door post, red lanterns hung under the eaves, under the night have all kinds of fireworks, as well as the morning and evening lit firecrackers explode one after another, for happy New Year to add a lot of festive atmosphere.Chinese New Year, the village men, women and children are very polite: met on the road, always want to hands bow to ask a good Chinese New Year;In the homes of elderly people, their neighbors would always come into the house and kneel in front of the old man.Children are also very love to have elders inside the home run, facing the elders down on their knees to put a year, more or less some New Year’s money is indispensable, no matter what will pass over a melon seeds, candy, always not empty hand.Chinese New Year, tobacco, wine, sugar and tea are necessary.Tea is served to guests as soon as they enter.As soon as the meal is served, the wine jug is warmed up.Guests did not drink high, even if not in place, always feel left a regret.He went to visit his relatives, but to try every means to refuse to eat wine, in order to be able to go to two more in the limited time, after all, relatives are not common in weekdays, only until the Chinese New Year, to set aside a few days of time, go to each other’s home string once, contact emotion.House met children, but also to give some New Year’s money, I hope they grow up healthy, can be promising.Also said the Chinese New Year, the village of the fire also moved up, with colorful costumes, exhibition banner, drum, gong ring, suona blowing, firecrackers, noisy dance Spring Festival, happy New Year.In person as anyone else, as the sound section gather together, having an organized effort to do performance, solemnly said, flower beautiful girl a game a cotton-padded jacket, wear color satin drummer to than skill, wearing a helmet of cartoon big head doll is darling, dressed as a twist face fat aunt articulate, touch into the black thin face melon wretched bores, soft lion spirit of vigorous tall and straight,Clumsy and dexterous blind bear jump left jump right jump, stilts stepped beyond the roof, iron core holding up a woman of talent, taiping drum rang the whole ear drum meng, long mouth suona can also blow a cheerful song.The onlookers looked and walked, laughing and commenting on each other, who pretended the best, who sang the best, who drew the wrong face makeup, who did the wrong movements…The atmosphere of the New Year is booming, the activities of the New Year year after year, although the family life is hard to afford, but that affection, that lively, will always stay in the memory of this generation of people after 70.Nowadays, the post-1970s generation has reached the middle age, and some of them have grandchildren around them. They have become the masters of handing out red envelopes to younger people during the Spring Festival.But now no longer see or rarely see childhood that eager, that lively, that attachment.Chinese New Year, children of the same age, can face to face happy play scene is no longer repeated, because the wonderful mobile phone grabbed their soul, because the remedial class course into the Chinese New Year time, because the feeling of affection in their heart is really no longer strong…During the Spring Festival, fireworks and firecrackers were banned in the cities, and there were no more people to gather in the countryside. Everyone was very busy, and their free time was limited.Also said that the Chinese New Year weekdays, often contact, make a phone call can be in place, not often contact, you set up a banquet to invite him to come, not necessarily will be invited.The family is not weak, look down on you, but the circle is different, really can not find a common topic, the feeling of conversation is really reluctant to experience more.Or each good.Chinese New Year is coming again. Are you ready?About the author: The author’s original name: Yan Guocheng, pen name, Yan Mu, administrative staff, writing enthusiast, we media creator.Editor: Ma Xuemin one point Qingwei Heze creation base