Yi “flying through the sky,” Ming “deputy, in fact, behind the gold and silver, is the silent pay parents

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We often hear the word “genius” in our daily life, saying that the child thinks whatever he learns, as if god is chasing after him to feed him, we see his bright side.In fact, a person with talent, talent alone can pass the exam?No, so being gifted must require hard training.We see what the so-called genius, have been a lot of deliberate practice, for example by god we call wei WeiDongYi, nearly all of his time studying math, he has his own question bank, to do every day is not only a mathematical research, and search all the math problems to enrich their own question bank, just have now results,He became an assistant professor at Peking University at a young age.In fact, behind every seemingly extraordinary talent, is a lot of deliberate practice piled up, in this winter Olympics is also the case, we see a lot of college students, not only outstanding students, in sports is also among the best, so they have become the example of everyone’s mouth.After the “ice princess” Gu Ailing, the skiing project appeared “genius boy” Su Yiming, his life experience described: 17 years old, than others 70 years old life also rich.Flew to the very “yi”, “sound” deputy actually, behind success, as the mother quietly Su Yi wong was born in 2004 in jilin province, the northeast is a genuine guy, at the age of ten in “siege” of the film, then, in 2018, in cross-border across a snowboarding squad, the excellent performance is shocked the world,When a foreign commentator commented on Su, “Newton’s coffin couldn’t hold down. How did he manage to rotate 360 degrees at the end?This achievement has attracted worldwide attention, we can see from his experience, actually he is not only a hobby, like GuAiLing, he has a lot of love, what is he like in the movies, he got the gold medal is his growing up, one of the largest a dream, for this project, I have to give up her career,Because you have to concentrate on practice.He said: once you have a dream, you will work towards it and give everything you have.In the future, I will have other dreams, I will bring this passion to other things, like this goal, to accomplish other goals, efforts will never deceive people.This momentum seems to not see for the first time, we once upon GuAiLing also saw the power of this, she is also, for the winter Olympics, was finished ahead of high school, it is four years of high school, she will graduate in three years, because she needs a lot of time to do it with rapt attention, can look effortless on the pitch.In addition to themselves, there is one thing in common, that is, behind them is a mother who gives quietly.According to Su yiming’s mother, every student has his own shining point. While correcting students’ mistakes, parents should find their advantages and learn to understand and respect students.And his parents think, the student’s own professional skills, his internal culture and connotation are equally important, in this respect is more strict, from Su Yi wong’s speech will be able to see, he is under the influence of the mother, his demeanor, virtually revealed that the mother of his tutor, its principle is that whatever choice must adhere to the, key is to focus,And keep learning.We can find in two excellent parents, their parenting style is very different from most parents, because of this difference, they can achieve so much at the age of 17 or 18.Way of family education, to build a “genius” we know biology GuAiLing mother is doctor, graduated from Stanford university, is a world-class outstanding students, her idea of education is to let students do what you like to do, what school to go to is not important, the important thing is that you want to keep learning all his life.At the same time, as a doctor of biology, she follows the growth and development rules of students and does the right things at the right age without advanced education. It is also this way of free growth that makes Gu Ailing today.Su Yi singing way of parents’ education has the same effect with GuAiLing parents, respect the students’ thoughts, starting from the perspective of his, he is sure that his, no one is perfect, everyone is not perfect, the important thing is to get students walked in the way of the pursuit of perfect, teach them to fish than teach them to fish, teach students “learning ability” is the most important.Parents are the first teachers of students, and students are a mirror of parents. When parents often reprimand students, they should also reflect on themselves. Where is the perfect person?It may be more appropriate to let students choose their own path in life.Topic article sharing here, tomorrow’s content is more wonderful # Knowledge celebrity season # Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Haozi Education welcome you to actively forward, collect, the author here to express thanks (pictures from the network, such as infringement contact deletion)