The other way around!At a critical moment, Putin received unexpected “strong support”, and the situation between Ukraine and Russia moved in the direction biden least expected

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As early as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine began, Ukraine began recruiting so-called “international teams”, calling on “military volunteers” from all over the world to join the fight to defend Ukraine.Russia is not alone in the fight. One country with some of the most experienced and skilled fighters is Syria.According to foreign media reports, at the security Council of the Russian Federation earlier this month, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to Putin that there are currently more than 16,000 volunteers ready to go to the Donbas region to help the Russian army in the fight, most of them from the Middle East, more specifically, from Syria.More recently, there have been further reports that the first of these fighters have already arrived in Russia, and more may be on their way.They will receive brief military training in Russia before moving on to Ukraine.After all, these Syrian volunteers are “battle-hardened” compared to Ukraine and the “international teams” Ukraine recruits.They’ve been fighting for more than a decade at home, and they probably have more experience in street fighting than the Russian army, which is a perfect foreign aid for the Russian army, which is fighting the urban battle.Observers point out that Russia has maintained considerable influence in the Middle East, especially in the Syrian civil war, where it has developed a deep friendship and has been helping Syrian government forces fight rebel groups for 11 years.The participation of Syrian volunteers is their “reward” to Russia.It should be known that Even in the face of the UN’s decision to intervene, Syria chose to refuse, and only invited Russia for help, and Russia readily responded to Syria, helping the Syrian government forces to resist the offensive of the opposition and ensuring the stability of the Assad regime.Now Russia needs help, and many Syrian veterans, on a personal level, want to help.Moreover, the Training mode of The Syrian army has been completely referring to the Soviet Union since the reign of the current President Assad’s father, so its combat effectiveness and individual soldier quality are relatively high among the Middle East countries.For the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine, they think they are the best “comrade-in-arms” of the Russian army, both emotionally and in terms of ability.However, the presence of foreign fighters, whether Syrian veterans or Ukrainian “international teams”, is bound to further escalate the situation between Russia and Ukraine, prolonging the conflict and ultimately hurting the local civilians the most.The solution to the Ukraine crisis should not be more troops, but reconciliation and the end of confrontation as soon as possible, so that peace can return to Europe.Some of the news comes from global Times