LaoDing said stocks | this small long holiday, don’t worry

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On Thursday, the market divergence oscillated for a day, and was directly blocked by the opening of the divergence, combined with yesterday’s sharp rise, it is clear that the plate level, currently can jump upward, only the financial eldest brother, other do not have this energy.Of course, yesterday’s surge, also has some significance, is a little stability of the stability of the people, especially the holding of the people, before Wednesday, caught more willing to resist.See quantity can, two city clinch a deal when lie between 7 trading days, cross trillion again, just, this amount, it is concussion amount however, mean divergence is bigger, someone is selling cash, someone is still rushing toward inside, two teams pass by, each other way SB.Just this difference, sell or slightly predominate, which means, short-term upward, pressure is still big ah.There is only one trading day left before the holiday, followed by a 4-day long holiday (stock market), and the holiday can affect us, one is the performance of the external market, the second is the news during the holiday.First of all, the external disk, at present can affect the factors are not many, the next interest rate hike window in early May, Russia and Ukraine, although there is still a see-saw situation, but the probability of a significant upgrade, the current look is not large, so the short-term external disk is still in a relatively stable stage.And next holiday news, if there is, the probability is good news.On Thursday morning, the PMI data for March was released. The original reading was 50.2, while the forecast was 49.8, but the result was only 49.5, which was significantly lower than the forecast. Coupled with the impact of the epidemic, the growth target of 5.5% this year is under some pressure, which means that steady growth in the second quarter is bound to be further intensified.It’s just, where’s the point of further augmentation?Need above to give direction, and once there is a direction, there is wind, hot money also has a new speculation local.So, during the holidays, if there’s news, it’s probably good news.Comprehensive, from the expected level, outside dish with news is you don’t worry, so, for fear of uncertainty and sell the holiday logic, does not exist, just short of preganglionic do more emotional, estimated or inhibition, because under the weak, the encounter weekend or small long vacation, usually after say again.The medium-term trend is still unchanged, with a top and a bottom, and according to the current volatility, the range of volatility in the future can be mainly 3150-3300 points.As for the length of this mid-term, generally 1-3 months are in the mid-term category, and this mid-term, temporarily look before the second half of April.For the short term, Friday probability is chicken ribs, large probability also see partial deadlock concussion.Operation, Friday to buy the significance of not much, because the current opportunity, also mainly around the stock round short term fast to do, since it is fast to do, nature is to say after the festival;And for holding, the key or to control positions, positions are not high, can hold such as after the holiday, and positions on the high side, shares have a rebound, are the opportunity to reduce, including Friday.Note: This article belongs to the author old Ding original, if there is a reprint please contact the author, steal the article will investigate!