Waiting for you, this is my hometown Chaohu lake

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I still remember my mother telling me a bedtime story when I was a child: “This used to be a bustling nestling city.The small white dragon in the east China Sea think of somebody else to play, disguised as white show people came to nest state, who know drunk, accidentally in the street is a fish, nest state people found and cut meat points, only jiao Mu and daughter Jiao Gu will share the fish into the water, so as to save a life of the small white dragon.The little White dragon was angry at the food sharing and wanted to take revenge on the people here by flooding chao Zhou. However, because Jiao Mu and Jiao Gu had saved his life, he made a dream to his benete and asked jiao Mu and Jiao Gu to escape.When chaozhou city was sinking and the flood was surging, Jiao Mu and her daughter shouted along the street “Chaozhou!The nest state!”And delay the escape time, small white dragon hurried to guide them, see quickly be engulfed by the flood, jiao Mu into The mountain, jiao Gu into gushan island, and they ran off the two shoes into two small shoe mountain (island).The rescued people of Chaozhou named the lake Jiao Lake because they respected jiao Mu’s noble character of sacrificing their own lives to save others.”Probably because my hometown was hated by the dragon king, since I can remember, I knew that the adults in the family would upload guan on the river bank every summer, flood fighting and rescue, maybe that little white dragon’s resentment has not gone away!According to the research of geologists, Chaohu Lake, my hometown, was formed on the basis of the basin. It was about 200 million years ago at the end of the Triassic period of The Mesozoic era, when Chaohu lake began to be invaded by the sea. Later, the earth’s regional crust sag occurred, which made Chaohu sag deeper and the lake surface larger.Finally, as recently as 30 million years ago, the Himalayan movement made The lake 3.4 times larger than it is today. That was the lake’s heyday, and as silt eroded the lake, it became the smallest of the five major freshwater lakes.Of course, the argument about Chaohu Lake in the Eastern Jin Historian Gan Bao’s “Search for the Gods” whether the ancient Nest state refers to the Chaohu lake basin is still controversial, but chaohu Lake has formed a fresh water lake since tens of millions of years ago is based on nature also laid the chaohu lake is the land of fish and rice status.Two chaohu is not like other cities, the name with the dynasties of conflict and cause lost its original intention, since the ancient times the county name here are related to the nest, it probably would be evidence of ancient countries there is a nest, who also said, about some of the chaohu lake and LuZhou LuZhou relative to me is in hefei, chaohu lake is the home.Chaohu lake, which experienced hundreds of millions of years of honing at first, has attracted countless literati from the boundless sea to the picturesque lake today.Tang Dynasty poet (Luo Yin) for a deng Chaohu Temple: lintang temple an immortal, embroidered and flower rong color perspicuous.I come here for the clouds, for with the rain I never leave.Eyebrow points early month lake kam, incense scattered wind bamboo smoke.Borrow yi shen shui matter, has qin and Han thousands of years.I think the poet has also heard the story of the trap nest State.The lake that gives a city its name may be the reason why people love it.Chaohu people from generation to generation thanks to chaohu lake brought fresh water resources also bred the surrounding fertile fields, aquatic crops.Rice is the main crop in Chaohu Lake. Other crops include rape, cotton, melon and fruit, lotus root, and livestock, cattle, sheep, pigs, geese, ducks and chickens.Chaohu lake is a hilly area, located in the south of the Huaihai River and north of the Yangtze River.In the 80’s when rice is every family to plant, early rice at the end of March and early April to sow seeds, when it comes to rice is a technology to live, rice is naturally good, the rest of the good key to see the rice field.Every year after harvesting the previous season of wheat, it is necessary to prepare the rice field;If you can’t choose wheat to do, if you don’t do early rice will first pick up the wheat stubble earth, began to level the field, generally choose a 3 points of the size of the field, as far as possible local point, full water some grass and straw ourot in the field as fertilizer, back to the growth of seedlings.Rice paddy is like a baby’s shaking table, to intensive cultivation, immersion, ploughing, raking, such as rice paddy soil to be fine, smooth, watertight, block, etc.I especially like seedling night, the weather is getting warmer, night about a few partners with a flashlight to find the call of frogs, earthworms turn over the soil chirp sound, carry me just done eel sticky, to catch loach and eel;For those of you who don’t know what eel goo is, use a toothbrush that has been brushed for a long time to clean the end of the bristles and remove the bristles. In a small grocery store, buy 20 large needles for sewing sacks. Then, insert the needles’ noses red into the toothpaste handle and tie one end to a bamboo pole to make an eel goo.That night’s harvest is enough to go to the vegetable market the next day to buy two or two meat back;This is what my hometown looked like in the countryside in the 1980s.Three perhaps the myth of ancestral generations is not enough to show that my hometown talented people, but from the hometown of a place name for the father must be able to know that my hometown has a long history, more overlord temple on the edge of the Wujiang River will show the heroic spirit of the land of fish and rice.At the end of The Qin Dynasty and the beginning of the Han Dynasty, Xiang Yu, the overlord of The State of Chu, was the most powerful man in the world. If he was not brave enough, he respectfully called Fan Zeng “Ya Fu”. If he was not arrogant, we might change the title of han to Chu.”Born as a man, death is also a male ghost.So far I miss Xiang Yu and refuse to cross the river.”This father and son have their eternal merit and fame are left in Chaohu lake, and now the father of yafu township in the name of yafu and set up visible, overlord temple has become a tourist attraction, it can be seen that our hometown for hero worship and memory.But in recent years, because the country adjusted the area of Chaohu Lake, Overlord temple belongs to Ma ‘anshan city, but in our heart it is chaohu.Chaohu lake is also a talented people, in modern patriotic general feng yuxiang and chaohu, general feng ended the feudal rule in old China, advocating anti-japanese national salvation, although life trapped in prison but never change the love for the motherland, for the establishment of new China, plays an important role in the new China with the support of general von home its roots are protected for future generations viewing, to commemorate a great man,I think General Feng must be the first person from Chaohu to be featured in the New York Times.Not far from the home of General Feng huang Lu town also out of General Zhang Zhizhong, general Zhang ancestors are farmers, because of the humiliation of the old China, abandoned the military to participate in the Northern Expedition war, song Shanghai battle of the Southern Anhui incident when the active petition, advocate the kuomintang cooperation, common anti-japanese….To promote national unity, national unity made important contributions, now general Zhang’s hometown also built a memorial hall to commemorate.In 1955, General Li Kenong, an outstanding leader of China’s concealed front, was awarded the rank of general and won the first-class 81 Medal, the first-class Medal of independence and freedom and the first-class Medal of liberation.Chaohu has been a place of outstanding people since ancient times, and there are chapters in The history of China in which chaohu people have a foothold. New talents have also grown up on this land, and they are bound to make contributions to the motherland in the near future.Now chaohu lake food beauty is countless.Whitebait, shrimp and crab have been three treasures since ancient times.800 li chaohu beautiful scenery, little fishing sails;If you come to the fishing boat gently cast a net, do not wake up the naughty white shrimp, will certainly have a great harvest;I listened to the fisherman playing the non-genetic teacher Chaohu folk song “Chaohu Good” and other night, in the bow of the iron pot to cook the delicious mouth fish, a cup of wine to the lake, a cup of wine to jiao Mu, a cup of wine to the people, and love what the city neon, this sunset fishing song, I would like to spend a lifetime in this lake;I certainly wouldn’t have gotten off the boat if my grandmother hadn’t been greedy for me with the bad dishes steamed bean curd and dried chilies.Finish the delicious food has its own beauty, near the half soup hot spring is famous for the good reputation of the world nine good reputation.Night falls about three or five friends with tea, to make soup;When the soup is over your neck, as long as you can resist the hot wick, your whole body tired bones transparent, all the busy day all eliminated, then drink a cup of tea, casually chatting, this night no fatigue as long as you sleep.Now around the hot spring tourism resort is in hot construction, tulip highland four-star national tourism resort, every coming in March the mountains and fields of flowers competing to open, contend for beauty;Children are running with windmills in the Sanmelon Commune, young people are talking about their dreams with friends, lovers are telling their hearts to each other under the moonlight, and the green mountains and clear waters have witnessed the growth of Chaohu Lake.On the yinping Mountain, ten miles south of Chaohu Lake, a tree peony that has become a fairy is blossoming on the cliff.Now Chaohu Lake has held the silver screen peony appreciation festival for many years, this tree peony may be planted by Jiao Mu, or the celestial fairy can know the drought and flood from the number of flowers, although it is a legend can be spread for thousands of years, looking forward to your verification.If you come, I will wait for you here!High-speed rail and high-speed are all available. The transportation in all directions is pushing Chaohu to the whole country and the world. In the future, Chaohu will become a world-famous health care base and biological engineering treatment center.When you come, this is my hometown!The most memorable is the nest state