Mobile games to create and magic bricks hit gold ideas to share

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Creation & Magic is a free sandbox exploration adventure game developed by Heroes Interactive.The environment can be transformed in the game, free to build houses, cities, city-states, but also to explore, friends, copies, change clothes.The game was launched in public beta in 2018, nearly four years have passed since then. The scenes, monsters and buildings of the game are very good for mobile games. They can be traded freely and the materials are easy to handle, which is also a game worth playing.Focus on zao zao love moving bricks, games from now on not alone!Creation & Magic is a sandbox game, but many of the resources in the game can be traded, and many of the resources are not available, so a trading market is born.Many players think that they have nothing to play, if you can get off work by playing the game to earn a little money, is also a good idea, today zao zao will bring you to create and magic to earn RMB train of thought, want to earn money pack cigarette players can not miss it.Players can collect fundraising materials by chopping down trees, digging for iron, and picking up materials.For example, basic materials such as wood, stone, ore, etc., can be sold in the exchange, you can obtain gold coins, such basic materials are all over the map, easy to collect.Fishing is also one of the main sources of income. You can hang up but you can’t hang up indefinitely because you get hungry. You have to eat food or you’ll starve.But there is another script, you can automatically hang up 24h fishing, automatic eating and drinking, do not have to take care of.Generally is a number to go fishing, another number to pick up earthworms, fishing to send.Pick up more sand benefit is very considerable.There is to go to the lake to pick up earthworms, pick up soil, will fall clay, small earthworms, big earthworms, earthworm king.Clay is cheap but the quantity is big, small earthworm four or five silver, big earthworm seven or eight silver, earthworm king ten silver or so, simply pick up earthworm two or three hours can also make a few dollars.Different earthworms can go to specific lakes to drop specialty fish, generally small earthworms are sold, with big earthworms to fish hairy crabs and then sold, a 50 silver, king earthworms to fish king crabs, a 80 or 90.Use materials for further processing, such as buying feed and catching pets.There is a difference between fully qualified people and those with low qualifications, or between fishing, farmers and ranchers.This is a way to look at the exchange market, by buying materials at the bottom price of the exchange, processing them and selling them, earning the difference, and earning gold at a rate that depends on you.Of course, it’s not as tiring as liver material.Mining, early demand is large stone, and wood about the same price.Then is iron ore, silver, gold, crystal, obsidian, will be associated with falling special materials stone, the price and wood about the same, single is also more than 10 yuan.Can use the fire magic click on the silver and gold mine, will become a fire magic stone, collected a steam stone, the price of 50 or 60 silver a, the later the demand is greater!Ice magic will become ancient battlefield stone, but magic need cooling time, about four hours or so single about 20 yuan.In addition, every night, all scenes random refresh devil, killed the explosion of magic crystal, the higher the level of the explosion of the more, magic crystal is also considered a game of alternative currency, a lot of people with magic crystal for things, general trading line seven or eight silver, gold ratio 100 is equal to about 6 yuan!Also can participate in a lot of activities in the game, after completing the task of the activity can get the corresponding activity reward, there may be a lot of equipment oh!