105800!Brand new off-road SUV, torque 230, appearance comparable to tank 300, easy to drive and fuel saving

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Speaking of Beijing BJ40 this model, is absolutely famous, but the body data of this model is relatively large, driving in the city is not too flexible, and the starting price reached 159,800 yuan.For some wage earners, the price is too high.What about a cheaper, hard-core SUV for urban use?Of course there is, such as BJ30 in Beijing.The BJ30 is the younger brother of the BJ40, which we can already feel from the way it is named.The price of the BJ30 model is even cheaper, 105,800 to 125,800 yuan.For a compact SUV with a hard look, it’s not expensive, and the powertrain fits our family better.Look at the appearance design, the design of the vehicle is really hard, but also used the family design, which let us be most familiar with it must be the shape of the five square hole, for many consumers this is the feelings, this is the dream.The headlights on both sides look delicate and are connected to the air intake net.And BJ30 advances with The Times, the whole system is equipped with LED headlights, but also has LED daytime running lights.It’s an evolved version of an urban SUV, but it’s still wild.From the side, the shape of the new car is also special tough guy, wheel hole is obviously strengthened, convex is obvious, effectively improve the width of the body, and off-road sense is also very obvious.It is worth mentioning that the new car’s suspension travel adjustment is longer, which is conducive to fast off-road on bumpy roads.I was a little confused by the fact that the bumpers on new cars have the same color design as the body, which is really rare these days.The rear is clearly designed to echo the front, with three decorative exhaust pipes.The taillights are rectangular in shape, and are fitted with through-through blackened panels and chrome strips for a distinct layering.In the body data part, the LENGTH, width and height of the BJ30 are 4505/1855/1710mm and the wheelbase is 2675mm.As for interior design, in fact, and our family SUV is basically the same, delicate sense of good grasp.The central control part is equipped with a 10.4-inch suspended LCD screen, while the driving computer screen is equipped with a colorful 7-inch large screen design, and adopts more chrome bars, such as the air conditioner air outlet, showing a good sense of refinement.The stopper is still a mechanical stopper made of leather and metal, which still has good handling.The seats are black perforated leather, and there’s not much to say, because they’re similar to our family SUV.The design of the back row is also quite regular. Although the price of this BJ30 is not high, it does not have many bright designs.Powertrain: the BJ30 is powered by a 1.5-ton turbocharged engine with 156 horsepower and 230N·m peak torque. It is a gasoline version of the engine, with a six-gear automatic transmission and a front-drive chassis.Many netizens said that the front face of the BJ30 has a visual feel of the Beijing BJ40, and the off-road feel is good, but the three decorative exhaust pipes at the back and rear are a bit of a nonfish.Netizens also suggested that the rear suspension of the spare tire design may be able to achieve good results.