To help Bengbu break through the siege, anhui governor listened to entrepreneurs face to face

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“Happy New Year, let’s talk!”After the simple opening remarks, Anhui Provincial Governor Wang Qingxian opened his first stop of the “Spring Visit to ten thousand enterprises, help solve the difficult problems” receiving activities.On the morning of February 12, Wang Qingxian came to the Management Committee of Bengbu High-tech Zone to listen to the problems and appeals of entrepreneurs on the spot and help enterprises solve practical difficulties face to face, so as to further enhance the confidence of enterprises in development, stimulate the vitality of innovation, entrepreneurship and creation, and promote market subjects to improve quality, expand quantity and increase efficiency.It is understood that the governor Wang Qingxian trip to bengbu, in addition to practicing the spirit of “the New Year the first for a while, there is another important purpose, that is the implementation of the provincial party committee secretary zheng grid clean instructions requirements, according to the facing problems in the development of bengbu, lead to form a special class, to carry out the investigation and study, studies support the development of bengbu, seeks the deep seeks the solid techniques, footwork, and play,Push Bengbu out of difficulties and achieve high-quality development.Early in the morning, nearly 300 entrepreneurs came to the Management Committee of Bengbu High-tech Zone without screening, blocking or avoiding.During the whole morning, 11 entrepreneurs came to the conference room to have a face-to-face talk with the governor and put forward their appeals. Wang Qingxian wrote them down one by one in his notebook and arranged the accompanying staff to track and solve the problems in time.”As their own things, the job of the enterprise of the enterprise as their own difficulties, special investigation, problems of personality are common problems perfect policy, to change list to track, the closed loop type management, the service enterprise’s work in the enterprise the most critical and urgent, the most important place and time, first-class business environment service enterprise development.”Wang Qingxian demanded.The entrepreneurs present said that they felt the warmth of “delivering charcoal in the snow” and the warmth of “holding umbrellas in the rain”.According to statistics, in today’s visit activity, a total of 20 groups of governors and leaders received 296 batches of entrepreneurs, 297 people, and collected 544 appeals and suggestions.Learned, in anhui province of leading cadres at all levels to carry out the “New Year’s visit to the enterprises, help solving problems” activities at the same time, the provincial party committee and provincial government issued “to create a first-class business environment the opinions of the” “about promoting the market main body quality expansion quantity increase of opinions”, extensively solicit more than thousands of all kinds enterprise, more than 200 industry association,We will turn what businesses and the public want into what government departments want to do.To protect market subjects as the focus of policy implementation, in the province’s fiscal revenue and expenditure “tight balance” state, with the government’s “tight day” to market subjects “hard support”.Anhui has made it clear that within two to three years, it will promote the main goals of achieving more than 70% of the indicators of the province’s business environment to reach the national benchmark level, significantly narrowing the gap with advanced regions, basically eliminating historical problems related to enterprises, and achieving satisfaction of more than 95% of market subjects.Flounce body, do not walk appearance, really do practical things for the enterprise, solve the problem.”The first Meeting of the Spring Festival” points out the direction for the development of Anhui, and the governor’s reception of the first stop will surely bring greater impetus to the high-quality development of Bengbu.Bengbu’s breakthrough is worth looking forward to.(The original title was “Help Bengbu break through the siege, the governor is coming!”) Declaration: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: