Man 5 minutes to drink a catty of liquor cause deep coma!The police are anxious to find their family members.

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Life is short, and line and cherish!Some people say: there is no easy word in the adult world!I feel that the friend who said this is a bit pessimistic.Although the Buddha also said, “Man is born to suffer.”There will always be endless troubles;No one can escape the natural destination of birth, old age, illness and death….But in this world, there is always warmth and love, sunshine and hope that beckons to us….Unfortunately, there is a middle-aged man did not realize this truth, in the encounter with difficulties and setbacks, he chose to escape!Although he has no trouble and sorrow now, but also feel no happiness and warmth!At 1400 hours on 17 February, an intoxicated and unconscious person was admitted to the hospital.He is about 40 years old, slightly chubby and about 1.73 meters tall.It is said that he drank a jin of baijiu in 5 minutes!Causing a deep coma.As doctors tried to save him, he vomited, vomited blood, convulsed, and at one point his heart and breathing stopped..Rescue has been a day, is still not out of life danger, the situation is not optimistic!The man in coma to release the video of the time, has not found the patient’s family, Linshan Village police station urgently looking for the man’s family!Looking at this poor man, could not help but silently pray for him, wish he can survive this one!After all, people at his age should be the breadwinner of the family, so he can’t fall down!Internet users were saddened to see the video.All corners of the country enmity and swordsman pray for the man: brother, come on!Wake up early!There are no obstacles in the world that we could not overcome.Ice hung friends message: adult suffering, only their own most clear.Of course, adults are not easy!Work pressure, study pressure, family pressure…Are like a mountain pressure people breathless!However, there is no such thing as a dead-end situation.While the green hills last, there will always be wood to burn.Method is always more than difficult, so encounter things, must not be disorderly sense of proportion.Calm down, you can always find a solution to the problem.This man, so drunk, away from all the worries and worries.But your parents, as well as your children, are waiting at home for your love and care.As Mr. Xie said: this age, there is no report on the grace of upbringing;There’s still parenting left to do….I couldn’t help wondering: whose son was this man?Whose father is he?Whose husband is he?Whose brother and brother are they?….In the prime of life when the choice of paralysis and escape, I feel this man is too irresponsible, no responsibility, is a coward!Maybe my criticism of this man will lead to a group attack. Netizens may say THAT I am a cold-blooded animal.They may also say me: do not advise others to be good without suffering others!Yes ah, people always like to persuade others open-minded, strong, but do not want to be the suffering person!When a man’s patience has reached its limit, he will do extreme things.But then again, what happens when you do something drastic?Difficulties and setbacks are still there!Even worse!Therefore, advising people to be good, strong, calm or very reasonable!Some people will say: You are not afraid of death, but also afraid of life?…Things have come to this point, we only silently pray for him, bless him, wish him to wake up as soon as possible.Only people, everything is not a thing!There are no mountains of Fire that can’t be overcome!What’s important today will be small tomorrow.Today’s little things, tomorrow will be nothing.Critical moment people should learn to decompress themselves.An enemy will be blocked.Two eyes a close, tube it east and west wind, so cunning to resolve difficulties and pressure, better than collapse, right?After all, where people are, there is hope!Only people under pressure will understand.Actually, we adults understand.Living in this world, who did not hesitate, helpless?Who has not encountered difficulties and setbacks?Who has not been pessimistic?Who hasn’t been stressed?…So we have to learn to change pressure for motivation, and strive to be the strong life!Difficulties and setbacks sometimes like springs, you strong it is weak, you weak it is strong!In this case, we will be strong and overcome all difficulties and setbacks!Net love smile eyes say: I also once because of quarrel with husband, ten minutes, empty stomach drank the whole bottle of white wine!I did not experience the beauty of the friend’s sorrow, can not understand her mood at that time, but I borrowed her this matter advised all friends: don’t make a fool!The body is their own, do not take others’ mistakes to punish themselves!I saw this video about a man in a drunken coma yesterday. Due to my busy schedule, I did not publish this article in time. When I opened it today, I felt it was still necessary for my friends to read it and pass it on to each other, hoping to find the man’s family as soon as possible.Finally wish this man safe and sound!