Luckin denied relisting;Praise has been exposed to layoffs;Tik Tok online “Heartbeat Preferred”

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Trill online “heartbeat optimization”, according to a report in the magazine the new words, trill App has launched “optimization” source channel, the goods inside, who come from the four season season, hot style of origin, commodity under the unified by the heartbeat optimization of “source optimization home life” sales and is responsible for the delivery and after-sales service, etc., the “source optimization home life”, according to data from the commodityMore than 60,000 items have been sold so far.# Tik Tok and Alibaba are increasing the number of “source goods” to create new consumption.On January 20, it was announced that Youzan will lay off more than 1,500 employees, including product and technology research and development positions. In addition, Chen Jinhui, vice president of The company, will leave in October 2021.On maimai, some suspected “like” employees reported that some workgroups had been cut by 20 to 30 percent.There has been no immediate response from the upvoted side.# Uzan’s stock price has been declining since the end of 2021. In the first three quarters of 2021, Uzan recorded revenue of about 1.176 billion yuan, down 9.9% year on year.It recorded an operating loss of about $759 million, a year-on-year increase of 113%.Downsizing may become one of the ways to save money.As the Spring Festival approaches, the Festival has been officially launched in “Qian Dama +” wechat mini program and Qian Dama stores in South China.During the Lunar New Year shopping festival, Aunt Qian will present a menu of 66 prepared dishes for the Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner.At present, the first and second phases of the Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner menu of 20 prepared dishes has been launched, including police beef mixed hotpot, marinated beef, raw filet mignon, garlic prawns, stuffed bean foam and so on.Before the Spring Festival, prepared food will become a new way of eating.Rui xing coffee response to nasdaq: false news on January 20, a source says rui xing coffee is studying listed on the nasdaq to plan, before the proposed listing again, rui xing coffee held a meeting with investors and advisors to discuss other plan, raise capital as early as possible will take place at the end of this year.Luckin responded that the report was untrue.Luckin delisted from NASDAQ and entered the “pink order market” after the fraud case. In 2021, luckin filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States, but it still faces no small difficulties in debt restructuring, domestic litigation and market supervision.Nai Xue Tea recently launched drinks priced under 10 yuan.In response, Nai Xue tea responded that “the company launched the” easy to buy “series with a time limit of one month on January 17, and added some fruit tea hot drinks to better meet users’ demand for hot drinks in winter, and also provide users with richer product choices in a wider price band”.# With the end of the period of rising dividend of new tea drinks, high-end new tea drink brands begin to “sink” and explore new growth points.According to industrial and commercial information, Michelle Ice City Co., Ltd. recently applied for the registration of the trademark “Michelle Year”, international classification of convenience food, the current status of the trademark is “registration application”.Recently, Michelle Ice City has also applied for the registration of “LUCKYCUP”, “Sanpin Ba”, “Snow King Pocket” and other trademarks. The international classification involves convenience food, beer and beverage, food, etc. The status of the trademarks is “under registration”.Anta sports retail space launch wisdom “982” dynamic space “recently, anta group wisdom of the new building in sports retail space” 982 “dynamic space”, it is more than a sport scene interactive space, covers an area of 3000 square meters, is divided into ski area, rock climbing, basketball, freezer, run/shoes mold area, coffee, and brand.Creative space is not for the purpose of sales, but to make consumers feel the professional value of the brand.# Anta will turn the shopping mall into a sports experiential scene, and become a new business place integrating consumption, punching and sports.New beauty retailer HARMAY Prunes has raised a series C and D funding of nearly $200 million.”HARMAY plum” is positioned as a global beauty collection store. At present, it sells more than 400 big brands and overseas niche brands, and more than 9000 SKUs. In 2021, there will be more than 100 new cooperative brands, and it has 9 stores across the country.This year will expand to Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Anaya and other places, in addition to the online small program “Plum shop”, independent app will also be launched.# In the context of increasingly fierce competition in the beauty retail industry, the “sample economy” featured by Humei has created a new form of beauty retail in China.New low-alcohol wine brand “Chuqi” has officially announced the completion of tens of millions of angel round financing.Chuqi, founded in November 2020, is the first low-alcohol liquor brand produced by baijiu technology. In June last year, it officially launched four low-alcohol sparkling liquors: Forest Berry, lemon mint, red grapefruit, orange and white peach.At present, it has entered many mainstream e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, JINGdong and Wechat Mini program, and its monthly GMV on Tmall alone has exceeded 500,000 yuan.In recent years, the alcohol market in the consumption circuit has seen the explosion of different categories such as light alcohol and craft beer.”Weixianliang product”, a healthy fresh food brand for children, has completed angel round financing of nearly 10 million yuan.Founded in 2021, the brand focuses on children’s fresh food products with arctic deep-sea fish as raw materials. It has launched cod children’s dumplings, salmon celery children’s dumplings, cod celery children’s dumplings, seafood Gathering children’s dumplings, and the new product cod noodles will be launched around the Spring Festival.At present, Weixian Liangpin has reached cooperation with hema, Metro, Wal-mart and other supermarkets, and online stores such as Tmall will be opened in succession.Under the influence of the changing concept and consumption upgrading of the young generation of parents, children’s food presents high-end and nutritive characteristics.In the past year, a number of children’s food brands in the primary market have secured financing.Chinese facial mask brand C Cafe has closed a series B financing round led by SIG, the third in seven months.At present, its star product “C Ka Clean small can Film” ranks Top1 in tmall smear mask category and Top1 in Douyin mask category.”C Cafe” has reached strategic cooperation with KKV, THECOLORIST Colorist, Sanfu Fashion and other offline fashion retail brands, and has been put on the shelves in more than 6,000 stores.# “C Cafe” plans to extend to the main category of skin care in the future and build a multi-brand matrix.Meituan has announced that it will provide 550 million yuan of subsidies to riders who still stick to their jobs during the seven-day Spring Festival holiday. It has also organized activities such as free New Year’s Eve dinner, distribution of New Year gift boxes and visits at stations in cooperation with trade unions at all levels across the country. A rider in Beijing was taken as an example.It is expected that the average income will increase by 1000-2000 yuan in the seven days of Spring Festival.During the rework period after the Spring Festival, riders in more than 100 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xi ‘an will also receive red envelopes for starting work.# This is in response to the government’s call to “reduce the flow of people, do not go out of the province (city) if it is not necessary”, so that the majority of riders can feel at ease during the Spring Festival.