Construction is imminent!Bidding for construction of primary school supporting urban reform in Three areas of Taiyuan Jiancao District began

2022-07-17 0 By

Recently, living in liuzhou, small make up learn from tendering and bidding of public service platform in Shanxi Province, taiyuan, pointed the lawn area three to area to the village inside city transformation (block 1) primary school of the project has been approved by the administration of taiyuan city administrative approval service construction, bidding for taiyuan xu burn real estate development co., LTD. Project has the tender conditions,The details are as follows: The project is located in Jiancaoping District, reaching Sanjie Street in the south, Heping North Road in the east, Planning Road in the north and Planning Road in the west.The total construction area is 21776.65 square meters, including the primary school teaching building construction area of 17322.55 square meters, 4 layers of frame structure, 18.5m high;Primary school underground garage construction area of 4454.1 square meters, -1 layer frame structure, height of 3.7m;The project investment is about 47 million yuan.According to the previously disclosed plan, the primary school is planned to have 48 classes on 8 tracks. After completion, it will make up for the vacancy of education resources in sanji area and provide nearby residents with a high-quality choice of nearby enrollment.Source: Shanxi Province public Service platform for tendering and bidding, living in Taiyuan