Chi Ji L7 impact BBA real user rights and interests to find really attractive

2022-07-17 0 By

Budget 350,000 to 500,000 yuan to buy pure electric SUV, choose the traditional strong or build new forces?This is definitely a problem!Recently watched the L7 video communication meeting, think 400,000 budget, in fact, to buy this car more reliable.According to the information learned at the communication meeting, Zhiji L7 is a luxury car that comprehensively compacts the century-old performance advantages and game rules of traditional fuel luxury cars, and creates the main choice of the new peak of intelligent electric driving control for users.The disruptive power easily runs into the “3-second club”, the chassis adopts the unique “electric four-wheel vector drive” technology of the same level, the rear wheels can achieve a total of 12° two-way super-large steering Angle, Williams adjustment, “180+ taste level” cabin space……Let the user every sensory element can enjoy galloping pleasure.At the communication meeting, L7 zhiji announced the rights and interests of angel round users and rights and interests of A round users.Among them, angel round user rights and interests can be described as “extremely hao”.It is worth mentioning that Zhiji auto from the voice of angel wheel users, upgrade a “special rights and interests”, details can be seen in the following figure.Having missed the Angel wheel, I want to seize the rights and interests of the users of Wheel A anyway. This is not only out of the trust in the product power of Zhiji L7, but also deeply attracted by the huge benefits of the rights and interests of the users of wheel A.Among them, in terms of configuration and upgrade, users of round A have some optional configurations that can be upgraded for free. In other words, it is directly added. After calculation, it is also close to saving four or five yuan.In addition to the visible configuration upgrade, Zhiji L7 is also “all-inclusive” for the rights and interests of users of round A, basically covering all the needs of daily vehicles.In addition, in terms of the core hardware and software of electric intelligent vehicles, a-wheel users will use the IM AD evolutionable intelligent driving assistance system for free for 3 years. These highly rated configurations are usually only found on BBA and other million-class luxury cars.At present, the angel round 3000 quota has been robbed empty, only A round of rights and interests quota is hot booking, missed the angel round of the opportunity to get on the bus friends, A round of the opportunity must not miss, after all, save is more than 100 thousand, absolutely delicious!