Baixiang County held a conference to promote the grid service management of municipal social governance

2022-07-17 0 By

On February 16, the county organized a meeting to promote the grid service management, comprehensively summarized the work in 2021, commended the advanced, and clarified the work direction in 2022.County party committee standing committee, political and legal Committee secretary Du Jiuxing attended the meeting and spoke.County political and legal committee, the township, community office, unicom responsible comrades, commended the grid members a total of more than 50 people to attend the meeting.At the meeting, the decision to commend advanced towns and excellent Grid operators in grid Service Management in the fourth quarter of 2021 and the Work Promotion Plan of Comprehensive Governance Information System in Baixiang County were read out, and certificates were issued to representatives of outstanding grid operators in six towns and villages.Wangjiazhuang township, Cypress township, inside step township to make a typical speech.Du Jiuxing pointed out that grid service management is an important part of promoting the modernization and innovation of municipal social governance, a popular project expected by the masses, a basic project for safe construction, and an important part of the acceptance of the modernization of municipal social governance.We should further mobilize the broad cadres and masses of the county, unify their thoughts, seize the opportunity, blaze new trails and innovate, comprehensively improve the grid service management ability, and strive to contribute to the modernization pilot work of Social governance in Xingtai City.Du Jiuxing stressed that the importance of grid service management should be fully recognized, the sense of responsibility and urgency of work should be strengthened, effective measures should be taken to accelerate the implementation of all work as soon as possible, and further thinking and planning how to sum up experience and create highlights.The key points should be highlighted, the responsibilities of grid should be further defined, the role of grid staff should be fully played, the training of grid staff should be regularly organized, the channels of mass participation should be actively expanded, the quality of grid service management should be comprehensively improved, and the work should be fully promoted to achieve new progress.To strengthen the leadership of work, clear responsibilities, implement tasks, close cooperation, to ensure that all work is grasped and supervised;We should strengthen publicity, improve the awareness rate and participation rate of the general public, and create a strong atmosphere of “everyone builds together and everyone shares”.