Ministry of Education notice!These foreign diplomas will not be recognized, student: Unacceptable!

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In fact, academic degree has always been very important, so many people’s parents will say, to study hard, get a good diploma in the future, find a job to get an iron rice bowl.But most of the students would not listen, mainly because these students are very fun, many gentry rich also have to send students to study abroad, because they all know that the exam-oriented education is very flawed, they do not care about scores only care about students’ ideological horizon.In fact, foreign universities, I believe that we also know the admission requirements.You have money, it makes a lot of dude, also make a lot of good rich young man was very charmed, samsung group’s boss lee jae-yong, unlearned, the son of the boss, the last several hundred million reluctantly admission to harvard, who didn’t know was fired a few days, have to say that education, schools, the background is very important for a lot of rich squire.The qualifications of such international students will not be officially recognized by the labor market if they want to improve their education, the Ministry of Education said.The first one is to study in China. However, since some professors are very unfriendly to graduate students, many students choose to study abroad, and studying abroad is often ridiculed by many parents and students as going fishing.You know in the past, students are very popular, but now our country’s education career also got rapid development, the status of the students is less, many international students are mostly day, only a handful of is to practice, I saw a very interesting data before, sixty percent of Chinese students to support the American university of pheasants,This means that at least 40 out of 100 overseas students are graduates of pheasant universities.After appearing this kind of circumstance, in order to stabilize the job market then the Ministry of Education also issued a notice, the Ministry of Education notice!These types of foreign diplomas will not be recognized. The first is that students who take online courses at home can get their diplomas as overseas students, which are at best called going abroad, or at worst paying for a certificate.The second kind, of course, is foreign educational institutions, foreign training institutions opened the school will not be recognized, because this kind of school is not recognized by the bureau of education, so we do not need to recognize.This kind of school is often called a pheasant university, so students should pay attention to it.Many students said:Absolutely unacceptable, there are a lot of students are very sad, because it was a bolt from the blue for them, spent so much money in the home, not by domestic fly-by-night harvest, instead of being a foreign diploma mill harvest, this let us see the is really laughing off the fangs, study abroad is very good actually, foreign diploma mill never pit to the poor,They only cut off the rich.Summarize my personal is very encourage students to go to study abroad, I am also from the inside of the heart is very envy these students, able to go abroad to see big, also can learn from the foreign advanced education idea to the new ideas, it is very important for the students, and students here are able to access the very cutting edge technology,This is definitely a very good thing for students.Do you think it is necessary for students to study abroad