“Husband and wife,” “mother and son,” “youth commandos”…Shinan district epidemic prevention and control glimmers of volunteer light

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Volkswagen · Poster News reporter Zhou Lu Correspondent Wang Yiting Xu Shuyan Qingdao On April 1, the sixth round of regional nucleic acid testing in Shinan District was carried out in an orderly and efficient manner.In each nucleic acid testing site, “volunteer red” can be seen everywhere busy on the post, they transmit the power of love, flashing the light of volunteer.One city south people, half of the city volunteers.In the regional nucleic acid test in the south of The city, many combinations emerged: “mother and child soldier”, “husband and wife team”, “youth team”……They hand in hand epidemic prevention of the beautiful figure, let a person admire and moved.Qian Sujun, 39, is a staff member at the Yunnan Road and Street Emergency Management Office.Since the six rounds of nucleic acid testing in Shinan District, Qian Sujun has not only done a good job in the daily work safety inspection of streets, but also participated in the frontline epidemic prevention team.”I am responsible for assisting in maintaining the order and providing guidance services at the nucleic acid testing point of No. 62 Cultural and Sports Square, Zaozhuang Road.”Qian sujun said his wife, Xia Yunjia, is a grid worker in Sichuan Road community, and her work is more intense and heavy.”Hello, please put your ID card here” “Phone number please”……Around 10:30 on April 1, Xia Yunjia, wearing a protective suit of “Baymax”, is registering information at the nucleic acid testing point in the activity room no. 28, Jiaxiang Road.At the end of the day, xia yunjia’s nucleic acid checkpoint usually registers more than 2,000 people due to the large number of residents in the neighborhood. She has to work from 8 am to 3 PM to reduce the flow of people.”Start at 8 in the morning and be here by 7 to get ready.”‘There is a sense of responsibility when you wear Baymax,’ said Xia. ‘Information gathering, though simple, needs to be repeated and not sloppy.'”Wearing protective clothing, I sat for 12 hours. In addition to changing work with my colleagues and eating something to replenish my physical strength, I dared not drink too much soybean milk for breakfast from morning till night.”Xia yunjia admitted that she would overcome all these problems. She missed her two children most. “We live far away from each other, and sometimes we are too busy to go back home.The eldest is taking online classes at home, and the second is still small. They are all taken care of by the old. I miss them very much.”There is a kind of companionship called mother and child together. “Why are you here?”What say this sentence is Jiangsu road street university road community neighborhood committee deputy director Sun Jiuhui.For each nucleic acid test, she would show up early at the nucleic acid test site of CCB.But while she was busy, to her surprise and delight, a familiar figure appeared. Her son, Gong Yixiang, was smiling at her.Gong Also xiang is guofeng pharmaceutical party work department enterprise culture commissioner, usually work has been very busy, at this time in the nucleic acid detection point, let Sun Jiuhui feel confused.”I am a member of the state-owned Enterprise volunteer service team in Qingdao.In response to the call of state-owned enterprises in Chongqing to support epidemic prevention, I came to the streets from the company to do voluntary work.”Gong Yixiang said firmly to her mother.Sun Jiuhui is pleased to look at his son, the eyes of the mother’s love, but also as a mother’s pride.She redressed her son in protective clothing and the two of them fought at the checkpoint.It is reported that Since the epidemic prevention and control, Gong yixiang and his guofeng pharmaceutical company have been dedicated to the prevention and control of the epidemic in streets.In Gong’s opinion, “When enterprises encounter difficulties, the government always tries to help them tide over the difficulties. Now is the time when people are needed on the front line of epidemic prevention and control, and enterprises should also help.”There is a passion for young people to take on the nucleic acid detection points in the streets of the Eight Great Lakes. The young commandos of the “Lakeside Vanguard” are full of youth and enthusiasm, leaving a deep impression on the masses.The youth commandos include street cadres, community workers, college students, preschool teachers, volunteer Party members, retired soldiers and enthusiastic residents.They are “versatile” and have various identities. They act quickly and cooperate with each other, which effectively alleviates the pressure of shortage of staff in nucleic acid testing.For each round of nucleic acid testing, the young rangers will arrive at the site one hour in advance to assist in the preparation of the site, setting up tents, placing desks and chairs, and applying one-meter line to ensure the timely detection.Considering the cold weather, the young commandos with warm babies kept shuttling in each sampling point to give the staff warmth;Street to strengthen the security of dining, for each detection point prepared lunch box, by the young commandos scheduled delivery;The young commandos rushed to purchase and dispatch a large number of epidemic prevention supplies, answered hundreds of phone calls every day, handled source docking, storage and final delivery, and carried and carried them by themselves to meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control.”As a nucleic acid test information recorder, I am at the end of the joint prevention and control, and at the front of the potential patients, so I shoulder a lot of pressure. While ensuring my own safety, I should try my best to provide more and better services for the residents and ensure their safety.””Said Wang Fang, a social worker in Gaoyou Lake Road community and a member of the youth commando team.The eight Great Lakes youth commando team members and night, dawn alternate as partners, silently stick to their posts, so that the flag of the youth commando team flying high in the epidemic prevention line.