Losing $50 on Valentine’s Day?This sideline almost made me cry

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We all know ha GO younger sister study sideline this thing is not a day two days but I do not know every year the fifth is which step did not have the right god of wealth not only did not come but also a jio kicked over my rice bowl from the beach to sell toys to the loss of excited to cow bar dam “do sideline”, a day down to the loss of 65 pieces!Hongyadong wealth password was exposed, this time almost annual income of 200,000!The universe seems to be telling me the truth:You hit with no money but I GO younger sister who is a crisis not succumb to fate as the saying goes, my life by my eyes day as early as the first day of the New Year starts to GO sister found the next opportunity romantic night, men and women holding hands walking in the street the roses is a symbol of their love all say this life flower, the afterlife beautiful romantic to die a lot of people selling,Feel very earn appearance this “love business” I GO younger sister do set!01 Preparation has decided to sell flowers, so the first question to consider is: where should I buy flowers?Flowers are beautiful and fragile. Sister GO originally had the idea of selling flowers on February 7th, but she bought them too early for fear that they would wither for a long time, so she didn’t start to buy flowers until February 11th.Asked a few romantic friends, said to gather the flower of jinhua city to cheaper, went to ask, a bunch of dozen wholesale 20 150 yuan, red rose to calculate down to 7 yuan more than a still do not take packaging, with simple packaging 10 yuan a, delicate packaging 15 yuan a, the whole market is basically this price.According to the boss, due to the low temperature this year, there are few roses, so the price is so expensive, in the past, the price is only half of this year, I was aggressive to purchase suddenly a little confused, buy less to earn less, buy more afraid of selling out, what should I do?In keeping with sound investment style, I took the median, 10 wrapped and a handful unwrapped, for a total of 30 roses for 260 yuan.I don’t need to worry about the packaging, I have no packaging arrangements, in the flower market accidentally wandered to the bag with hard shell shell, a bag of 10, 12 yuan a bag, looking still delicate, color is also very valentine’s day feeling.The mainest is, buy it to install oneself, add spend cost to cast down also just 8 piece 2, cheaper than the flower market, bought two bags immediately, cost-effective!Flower flower is bought well, the problem that remain is to think to sell a lot of money, sell the old classmate heroic speech: you this flower enter all enter so expensive, and still be in guanyin bridge, sell 20 not beyond the mark!Now, basically, it takes 20 to make a profit, and you don’t have much of this 30. You can definitely sell it in two or three hours.Listen to the big guy talk while I abacus: buy spend 260 yuan + package 24 yuan total 284 yuan, sell 20 yuan a, 30 pieces is 600 yuan, add add subtract subtract, if I sell all three hours then net earn 316 yuan?!The average hourly wage is 100 yuan!At this moment I seem to see money waving to me, what are you waiting for?Get the money!Of course, before getting the gold, I still dressed up the flowers, skimmed off the damaged petals, put on delicate packaging, cut off the redundant branches, sprinkled with crystal beads of water, and finally put them into my pink trash can (clean), headed for the Guanyin Bridge!02 Chengguan guerrilla war just got off the bus, I felt the taste of money!There are still many people passing by with flowers!Guanyin bridge this flow of people, this consumption ability, my only 30 flowers simply not enough to sell good!Sure enough, when replenish stock or should be a bit bold, enter him 50, 100, direct day into 1000!However, MY dream has not done for long, I felt the cruelty of reality, I only saw the happiness of making money, did not see the fierce competition and chengguan eyeing covetously.Starting from the new north road station, GO sister saw at least 3 flower shops along the way, in line with the truth of knowing yourself and knowing your enemy, sent a small partner to inquire about the price: 15 yuan a.What about $20 each?North up wide without love, guanyinqiao is full of fraud, but the flowers are entered, 15 15, not big enough to earn a bit, then quietly packed up my 20 yuan a flower propaganda sheet.Stall must be looking for a large flow of places, North City Day Street set money, tide, romance as one.Booth before also received the little brother free balloon, inserted in the bucket just do decoration, mood to the next level!Paste a good small card, put on the collection of TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, GO sister’s small stall on the official business ~ has not opened, met peers, but why she put flowers in a bag to sell?Who knew she was a flower seller?Will business be good?Booth is to attract high-profile customers, such as I do a good job of psychological construction, I will shout!But sure enough, one should not be too high-profile. Why didn’t I think about why I was the only flower seller in this area? Did they not want to make money?Is it that they don’t like money?Or do they not like flowers?When the burly man walked up to me, I finally knew it was the chengguan they didn’t like!The first time I met the GO sister of the urban management officer, I was like a thief caught stealing. He mumbled a sentence, and I only heard the two key points of squatting and the next punishment. Then he pulled up his little partner and started running.But the mill of God has long arms, smooth but sure, just to the pedestrian street, and the police on duty to play a face to face, but all say riches and honour risk, I still decided to take a risk at the door of the light rail station.There was a larger flow of people at the gate of the light rail station and a lot of people came to ask about it, but no one bought it all the time.May be afraid that I change the exit to continue to sell flowers, the chengguan has been following me, fortunately, a passing child took a fancy to my free balloon!His grandfather asked me a sincere question: “How do you sell this balloon?””Ten dollars.” “No, it’s a little expensive.””How about five dollars?””Ok, come here, I scan the code for you.” The atmosphere of the dialogue is similar to the US-Russia talks, the pressure is so low that I want to dig a hole and run away, but for the 5 yuan, I still in the chengguan “tolerance” eyes, insist to the last moment.The flowers didn’t sell out, and the balloon I got for free was 5 yuan. It was a humiliation for me to sell flowers, but who would fight money?See that chengguan is already taking a camera to shoot me, take the money and run!From the north city day street to the pedestrian street, I retreat again retreat, how also can not escape the flower of the world city management of the palm of the heart, finally was chased to lang Qing square opposite a road just quiet down.There were no chengguan and no customers. There was only one colleague who spent more than me. When he saw me, he seemed to see the organization.He was still a college student, trying to earn some living expenses during the festival, so he sold 8 pieces the night before Valentine’s Day, and only sold 7 pieces when he met me from 10:30 am to 5 PM on Valentine’s Day. All of them could not escape the fate of being chased by the chengguan.Just when I felt that today was going to be grain free, my first single!He is coming!He comes with the light of the holy spirit!This uncle took the initiative to find me, one breath bought two!An hour after arriving at Guanyinqiao, I finally opened my first order and made 30 yuan.With the first order, the dull mood was also aroused. I wandered back and forth on this short 200-meter road without city management, and still sold two or three pieces intermittently.And I got cash.Most of the time, though, they waited in silence, blowing themselves up with fellow sufferers.But just as I was trying to put the cash in my wallet, I felt left and right, where was my wallet!!When I think about it, it seems that I forgot it on the stool outside the sky Street when I was shouted at by the chengguan for the first time.Looking at my brisk pace, the chengguan estimated that I have no intention to do business, and did not stop me, I did not report what hope, began to imagine themselves to the police station should be how to cry to the police uncle.When I got to the place, IT was probably because there was no money inside, but it was still there!After this mess, I was exhausted physically and mentally, and I had no energy or idea to deal with the chengguan. I found a small square with a little privacy and sat down to wait while asking questions.Hard work pays off to those who wait, pay or reap drops, with this fixed small stall, business is really better, and sold out 7, 8.Waiting for the sky is getting more and more late, afraid that others can not see me in selling flowers, small flashlight must be up!However, sometimes the customers are not all waiting, and the chengguan also come one after another, but I am still very satisfied with the fixed one hour at the gate of this small mall.The flow of people in the small square is less and less, it is estimated to have a meal, those who should buy flowers are estimated to buy about the same, catch up in the city guan uncle invited me before, I finished the last single in the Guanyin bridge.On the way home, I saw something for sale at the light rail station, so I thought, why not?Chengguan has now become my primary concern, next to selling spicy string of uncle said: no matter, chengguan have come off work.So I bought an uncle’s spicy string, eat while selling, half an hour sold out 3.Selling flowers from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., I was exhausted. In addition to being chased by urban management officers, I had to bargain with customers for four hours. When I got it, I received 210 yuan on wechat and 40 yuan in cash, a total of 250 yuan.Now give you a arithmetic problem: known GO younger sister to buy flowers and packaging costs is 284 yuan, transportation costs 2 yuan, food costs 12 yuan, a total income of 250 yuan, excuse me GO younger sister at the beginning why would think by selling flowers to make money?So far, GO sister’s third sideline also failed, according to statistics, within four hours, GO sister sold a total of 18 flowers, urban management was expelled 6 times, took photos 4 times.The general feeling of this stall: the festive atmosphere is ok, the chengguan team is well trained, the customer bargaining ability has been significantly improved, the experience is very good, next year will not come to !!!!Is there a valentine’s Day worse than mine?Don’t say, honest go to work to promote, experience feeling is very good, next year never to !!!!Is there a valentine’s Day worse than mine?Forget it. Go back to work