Do you have any relatives like that?

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Relatives are there in your family, they are your parents brothers and sisters, early reading a little bit more, into the city early, mix is also quite good of, some may still be a modest, the leadership of the New Year’s day is a holiday party, they are always a pair of high above the self-righteous, also especially like preaching, especially for the younger generation.But the pomp and circumstance of preaching, apart from being embarrassing, is not nourishing or helpful!My home has such a relative, my father’s younger brother, is uncle, we here used to shout small guy.College students who graduated from normal schools in the 1990s, state-owned enterprises, early years of project dividends are said to have taken a lot of money, belonging to the first group of people in our village to become rich.When I was a child, I had no judgment. When I grew up, it was nonsense to listen to it again.For example, he is my father’s brother. He will give some help and guidance to his peers and juniors in terms of economy and life direction, but except for some small benefits, he has almost nothing to do with big things.In 2005, the house price in our city was very cheap. At that time, my family needed 10,000 yuan to buy a house, so we asked him whether we could borrow it or not. Besides, my parents were not determined to buy it, so they gave up.To know that the little guy just graduated when buying a house, my parents even their own money to take the money borrowed a total of tens of thousands of him, after 5 or 6 years to return, has not given a penny interest.Still have 0 years of time my 2 elder sister at that time technical secondary school already took an examination of went up junior college, but my parents does not agree she reads again, actually at that moment the home also has this money, but my parents did not realize the importance that the girl reads, result my 2 elder sister appeal to my little guy, result he incredibly say “listen to your father”.Because saw the little guy in the outside mix better and better, so every New Year’s day back to his family is respectful, polite, in the mind is thinking about later can help their children, they actually have this idea: after I graduate from college, on the little guy.Facts have proved that this idea of relying on others is a dream after all, and it can even be said that this kind of dependence will lead to people’s lack of ambition. This limitation of cognition in small rural areas is the root cause of many problems.Actually, it’s a little successful elders for support equals or junior, one of the biggest help is not the benefit and the economic, but in cognition, and the direction of the guide in life, they contact more than their parents, knowledge will become more widely, but these help may also want to more, may not be they don’t want to help, really did not understand their own.Because most of their small successes may have been due to luck, rather than talent.From ’81 to’ 97, more than 20 million people were added each year.I was born in ’87. The number of new births registered in this year was 25.08 million, the highest in 17 years. The competition was the fiercest!In addition, during the reform and opening up in 1978, the market demand for people was very large from 1980 to 2000, which provided a large number of job opportunities, including promotion opportunities. During this period, the post-60s and post-70s generation just happened to be the age of the main workforce, and the competition they faced was relatively small.