Jiamusi city is listening to the 2022 Jiamusi City economic operation monitoring and 100 projects construction and the “Start of spring” project scheduling meeting

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On March 26, the 2022 Jiamusi City economic operation monitoring and 100 projects construction and “Spring start” project scheduling meeting was held.City leaders Li Degang, Liang Dongsheng, Mou Xiao, You Mingzhong, Liu Ying, Qiao Zhipeng, Ge Jiawen, Yu Haibin and other relevant units in charge of the city at the venue to watch the meeting.At the meeting, Li Degang, deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor of the government, reported on the current economic operation situation, measures taken to achieve a good start of the first quarter and the preparation of the “start of spring” project.The meeting stressed the need to identify the focus of work, pay close attention to breakthroughs in key areas.We will pay close attention to economic performance and achieve “progress while maintaining stability” and “fast forward while maintaining stability”.We will vigorously promote industrial revitalization, ensure that key industries and enterprises have their factors of production, and increase support for each enterprise with one policy.We will vigorously unleash consumption potential, study new measures to stimulate consumption, and do everything possible to boost consumer confidence.We will intensify agricultural preparation for spring farming, ensure that the area of grain sown in spring only increases, and carry out special inspections of agricultural supplies to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural supplies.We will pay close attention to service optimization, strictly observe the two bottom lines of safe production and ecological environment protection, optimize the service environment, and establish a friendly and clean relationship between government and business.The meeting stressed the need to adhere to the concept of “project first” and make every effort to complete the construction of the 100 major projects and start construction as soon as spring begins.We will strengthen services for projects that are launched on the ground, simplify approval procedures, speed up approval, and improve the guarantee for project start-up factors.We should do a good job in project planning, improve the quality and level of project planning, and make new efforts to seize the commanding heights of the economy around planning projects.We should pay great attention to “precise” investment promotion, give full play to the role of capable people and township sages, make good use of superior resources, create “policy depression”, and ensure that the target of investment promotion and investment introduction is fully implemented.Reporter: Ma Guocheng Photography: Li Siru Production: Zhao Jiaye Production: Yang Gang Production: Zuo Hongyuan disclaimer: Reprint this article for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn