Does our country cancer misdiagnose rate 30% or so?Doctors remind: 3 kinds of cancer easy to misdiagnose, do not ignore

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Clinical diagnosis of cancer must rely on active pathologic examination, biopsy, surgical pathology, and tissue certification to determine whether it is benign or malignant.Auxiliary examinations include imaging, CT, MRI, ultrasound, or clinical determination of tumor markers.If a definitive diagnosis is not possible, live tissue testing is required.Although China’s medical technology advances by leaps and bounds, many difficult and complicated diseases are effectively treated, and even most cancers are found early and can be clinically cured.However, the rate of cancer misdiagnosis cannot be ignored in China.The misdiagnosis rate of cancer in China is about 30%, and many early diseases are easily confused with common inflammation. Once diagnosed or patients find that the disease is not irreparable, the golden opportunity for treatment is missed when the disease spreads.Many patients wonder why there is such a high misdiagnosis rate in China when fine instruments are so developed.Why China’s cancer misdiagnosis rate is so high?All examinations are not 100% to detect cancer diagnosis tumor cannot rely solely on medical instruments, even advanced instruments are computer operation, has blind areas and limitations.Relying solely on one examination item can lead to misdiagnosis.The purpose of the test is to help doctors make a diagnosis, which can be combined with the patient’s symptoms to assess the condition.Most cancers today are not particularly unusual in their early stages and need to remember specific tests to find them.Many people’s physical examination items are arranged by the company, relatively basic, such as electrocardiogram, blood pressure, vision, color blindness discrimination, and the subject itself has nothing to do with.This does not include early screening for cancer.For example, esophageal cancer, laryngeal cancer and gastric cancer can only be detected by endoscopic gastroscopy. For early lung cancer, chest X-ray cannot detect anything, so low-dose spiral CT must be performed.Cancer is not obvious, the location of the secret many organ cancer hidden in the abdominal cavity or behind a lot of organs are surrounded by various tissues, coupled with early symptoms hidden, the human body has a very strong compensatory function, not typical is not obvious, the difficulty of diagnosis is unusually high.Many patients are even diagnosed without detours, mistaking it for something else and getting the wrong treatment, only to discover that cancer is to blame.Colorectal cancer is a malignant tumor with a relatively high incidence of gastrointestinal cancer in colorectal cancer. If it cannot be actively treated in a short period of time, it will endanger life.Clinical rectum cancer mistaken for hemorrhoid number is very much.Most of it comes from patients’ self-misdiagnosis, and the rest is the guess of medical staff.The reason why there will be this phenomenon, mainly from the two clinical manifestations are very similar.For example, can accompany defecate bleeding, anal fissure or defecate number inexplicable increase.In any case, abnormal bleeding, whether hemorrhoids or rectal cancer, go to the hospital immediately.Early hemorrhoid cancer treatment effect is very good, and the price is not high, as long as some simple resection, targeted radiotherapy and chemotherapy, can be very good recovery, live to the normal life is also very common.2. Stomach cancer and Gastric ulcer Stomach ulcer is a common chronic ulcer disease in gastrointestinal diseases, from the analysis of symptoms, gastric ulcer and gastric cancer are similar.Early symptoms of gastric cancer are not obvious, and patients may be accompanied by burping, acid reflux, belching, dyspepsia and pain.These symptoms are also common in people with stomach ulcers.Therefore, if you have inexplicable stomach discomfort, acid reflux, food belching and belching in the short term, you must go to the hospital for examination.Stomach ulcers and stomach cancer should not be taken lightly.Breast fibroma and breast cancer also have similar symptoms.Both appear bump in breast place, and fibroma is multinomial, on young and middle-aged female body, have pressure to stay up late the circumstance influence is circular elliptic boundary clear, activity is good, growth rate is slow.The breast tumor has a rich blood flow signal, spider web, infiltrating into surrounding tissue.Whether it is fibroma or breast cancer, we should go to the hospital immediately to make clear for the treatment of fibroma, too large volume will also have cancer risk.As a warm reminder, cancer is very terrible, and even poses a great threat to life and health in many cases. In order to fundamentally reduce the rate of cancer misdiagnosis, prevention work must be done. When there is a problem in the body, do not delay it; early treatment is the right way.Guide to Summer Regimen