The 11 most watched road cycling races in the first half of the year

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Although sports events are facing great uncertainty in the context of the epidemic, many races have been postponed and teams have withdrawn.But with the recent increase in games, the new season is now on track and there are many “big dramas” to come.In order to provide fans with a better experience, this article will list some of the most interesting road car events in the first half of this year (men), so that you can pay attention to the races you are interested in.The Tour of the United Arab Emirates is the first World Tour of 2022, and many riders have chosen to start their season on the Tour of the United Arab Emirates.One of the biggest attractions is defending champion Bogacha.Although he recently contracted COVID-19, his symptoms were mild.On the 16th, the team confirmed that he is ok and will join the team in the Middle East race.In addition, the new spring cavendish, the return of Ivan will also participate in this tournament.With the rest of the teams also fielded their main line-ups, the Tour of the UAE will be a fascinating race to watch.According to the current situation, this year’s classic will be held in the spring, and will not become a “summer classic” due to the epidemic delay.Among them, the first will be held in Italy white road race.White road racing takes its name from the off-white dirt roads in the country. Although not as rough as stone roads, they can become very muddy after being soaked in the rain, and only the strongest riders have a chance of winning.In previous competitions, Alahphilipp, van Art, van der Poel have won the championship.And they all won in very similar ways — attack, attack, attack.It’s hard to say which is the more classic, but it’s safe to say that the white Road never fails to impress fans.Paris – Nice is known as “an important warm-up race before the Tour de France”, where many grand prix drivers check their form and adjust accordingly.Although it is the tour of France “outpost”, but Paris-Nice has always been very interesting, such as contador long distance surprise lost the title, after Shahmann upset to achieve the title.Interestingly, it was Soler, who won in 2018, who denied Contador the title in 2017.In addition, Rogelic will be back this year after losing a good race in the last race – Shahmann would not have been able to win again last year if Rogelic had not crashed in the final stages.Although there will be no revenge against Germany this year, van Art, Adam Yates and Almeida are also strong rivals, so it will not be any easier to wear the leading jersey than last year.From March 7 to 13, the Double Hyers left France and went to the Apennine Peninsula, almost at the same time as Paris-Nice.The two matches are similar in nature, importance and time.Past grand Prix winners such as Bogacha, Simon Yates and Rogelic have always been able to shine in the Grand Tour.It’s a very good line-up, Bogacha will try to defend his title, alafilipo has a very good week;In addition, the recovery of the return of the Efinepoel, the Olympic champion Karapaz, are also a strong contender for the title of the section, the total result of the spoiler.In terms of sprints, van der Poel’s team-mate Merlier is unlikely to be too challenged, with Colbrell and Matthews having more combined ability but less absolute speed than the Belgian.The rhythm of European racing will return to classic racing after the end of a two-race week in Milan-San Remo on 19 March.As with previous 1.UWT races, the World Tour teams will be in full attendance.And two fellow countrymen who did not meet during the week – Bogacha and Rogelic – will start their season against each other in this tournament.Alafilipo, Van Art and Steffen, who won the championship in ’19,’ 20 and ’21, respectively, will compete, as will Sagan, Corbrelli, Nizolo and Matthews.Judging from the course of previous competitions, the difficulty of Milan-San Remo is relatively low in the spring classical competition, and the final champion is mostly determined by small group sprint.The process is exciting enough, the decisive enough, Milan-San Remo is not to be missed.Tour hainan was once one of the top events in Asia, but it has not been held since 2019 due to the epidemic.Very little information is available about the event, with only eight stages confirmed;The exact route design and team list are still unknown.But in the past, hainan tour can still attract a lot of big-name teams to participate, in the recent two years hot “Asian car king” Luchenko once won the championship in 2016.If this event goes ahead as planned, it will be good for Both Chinese cycling and the fans — on the one hand, sports events will gradually return to normal, and on the other hand, the fans will be able to watch our own events at home.April 3 Tour of Flanders April 3 begins with heavyweight classictournaments.The first is the Ring of Flanders.The Tour of Flanders, now in its 105th year, is an ancient classical race.Riders will tackle several sections of Flanders that combine stone roads with short escarpment.The tour of Flanders in the past two years has been very exciting and full of topics.In 2020, the “three Jie” Van der Poel, van Art, alafippe in the same small group, but the “Shanghaiist” unfortunately suffered a car crash;The other two longtime rivals sprints to the finish line, with no copycats or tricks, and Vanderpoole wins.In 2021, the intense pull winnowed down many of the favorites, leaving vanderpoel and Asgreen as the two men ahead;Just when vanderpoel was expected to defend his title, he took the lead in the sprint, only to watch his opponent celebrate.This year, with the exception of Ala-Philippe, all three will face each other again for another shot at the title.Given paris-Roubaix’s nickname, the Purgatory of the North, it is easy to see how difficult and intense it is. Just finishing it is an achievement.After a one-year suspension in 2020 due to the pandemic, the event resumed in 2021.Last year’s race was dramatic and lived up to the fans’ wait thanks to the bad weather, which was a disadvantage for the drivers.At last year’s Roubaix arena, corbrell won the title in his debut.In the side of the most frustrated there are two people, one is many times suffered car fall, mechanical failure of Moscon;The other was Vanderpoel, who was too exhausted to win the championship.Vanderpool will be back this year, but van Art, Colbrell, Mohorich and Asgreen won’t give it away either.When it comes to the Arrow of Wallon, the wall of Uiraq is the place where the championship is fought every year.Spanish veteran Valverde won four titles in a row from 2014 to 2017;It wasn’t until 2018 that Ala-Phillips broke the monopoly and the Shanghainese won three tournaments, almost equalling Valverde’s record.Compared to the other classical races, GC riders with short hill ability and small build riders have a better chance of winning the Arrow of Walon, while heavy classical riders and sprinters have less advantage.This year’s tournament has attracted the participation of Bogacha and Rogelic, and alafilipo’s defence of his title would be a gold medal victory.To know that his two rivals not only outstanding climbing ability, and in the sprint let “Shanghai people” suffered losses.As the final game of the spring classic, liege – Baston-Liege is equally exciting.In 2019, Fogelsang launched a surprise solo victory.The two subsequent events were more story-loggeridge, Bogacha has beaten Alapphillips, won the final victory.In 2020, “Shanghainese” was so confident about his ability to sprint that he celebrated his own blunder: cameras were focused on him as he crossed the line, but he didn’t expect to become a backdrop after the race.In 2021, Bogacha beat her opponent in a hard-fought contest that left one wondering what fender Superman couldn’t do.This year, the three “enemies” will gather here, is the up-and-comer faster?Or are you better at crossover?Or will the world champion get his revenge on the first two?We’ll see.What is the most noteworthy event of the first half of the Giro d ‘Italia from May 6-29?That’s the tour of Italy you can’t miss.From 2018 to 2021, Ineos team has monopolized the championship for many years in a row, froome, Karapaz, Gegenhardt, Bernal have all worn pink into milan city.Karapaz is still the favourite on the list, with Simon Yates, Almeida and Guillaume the only serious challengers.In terms of sprinters, Cavendish, Ivan, Merrill, Nizzolo and demar have all confirmed their participation in the Tour.And it was Viviani’s first grand Tour since returning to his former club.The flat section of the event will be very exciting.However, there are concerns that the previous two Tours of Italy have seen a large number of riders and teams withdraw early due to COVID-19.At the beginning of the Year in Europe, similar incidents still happen.The tour of Italy, one of the three major tournaments, will not disappoint if it is well prepared.These are some of the most anticipated events of the first half of 2022. 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