So engage!This national treasure of Yunnan was invited to Beijing for a “business trip” these days

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“The ox goes to the tiger to come” when yunnan province museum has a homophonic “the ox tiger is at the same time safe” cultural relic it may be said is very appropriate scene ox tiger bronze case unearthed in Yunnan Jiangchuan Lijiashan, high 43 centimeters, 76 centimeters long, for the Warring States period Dian people cast with bronze case offering ritual ware.Its modelling by two cattle and a tiger clever combination, the main body is a big cow, standing, ox horn flying, the back natural completed case;The tail is decorated with a scaled tiger, the tiger in the form of a climbing, jaws open on the ox tail;Under the hollow belly of the cow, a leisurely and complacent calf, head and tail slightly exposed outside the cow’s belly.The bronze case of cattle and tigers taken by Xing Yi of Yunnan Provincial Museum is the treasure of Yunnan Provincial Museum, which has a high popularity.And because the utensil itself has ox and tiger, and homonym “ox and tiger coexist”, in the year of ox and tiger alternate, attention is rising.This precious cultural relic, also selected in the “National Treasure” cultural relics special exhibition, during the Spring Festival “business trip” to Beijing, with more audiences.