Leaders of Yanhe District, Nanyang city, inspect the service guarantee and production safety of tourist attractions during the festival

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The New Year of the Tiger is the time for tourism.On February 1, Nanyang City, Yaghe district Party working Committee secretary Li Xiaofei led a team to inspect our area colorful Happy Valley scenic spot service guarantee, safety work, district management committee deputy director Yang Bo accompanied inspection.In view of the colorful Happy Valley scenic spot on the first day of the Chinese New Year tourists surge the actual situation, Li Xiaofei emergency call all relevant departments, quickly make a response to the processing plan.He asked, always keep in mind the concept of safety first, practically put the safety measures in place, strictly implement the holiday duty on duty work requirements, encountered emergencies reported in a timely manner;In view of the situation of traffic congestion in holiday scenic spots, we should strengthen traffic order management, strengthen management and scheduling, to ensure the safety and smooth road traffic lines;We should enhance the awareness of service, comprehensively improve the level of tourism management services, take the initiative to provide consultation and guidance to tourists, create a comfortable holiday tourism environment for tourists, and ensure a smooth and orderly tourism reception during the Spring Festival.At the gate of the colorful Happy Valley scenic spot, Li Xiaofei worked on the spot to understand the service management, catering and accommodation of the scenic spot in detail, and put forward specific plan opinions and requirements.Lee smile not ask for details of the scenic spot staff holiday passenger flow and the number of cars, car park management, and so on and so forth, he told the scenic area, should be closely combined with the serious situation of the current epidemic prevention and control, implement each work measures such as epidemic prevention and control, and according to the park during the outbreak of the superior, attentively complete reception service management work, pay attention to the scenic spot atmosphere build, optimize the function layout,Improve service quality, effectively improve the attraction of scenic spots, truly make tourists willing to come and stay, to ensure that tourists have a comfortable and satisfied play.Huang Road shop town Party committee, district CDC, district market supervision branch, service enterprise office, public security branch and other relevant units are mainly responsible for comrade accompanying inspection.Source: Press Center of Yanhe Industrial District