Did not reach the four standards on the house, the house half a year has not “gas”, children in the district difficult to enter school……Who will solve these “urgent difficulties and worries” of the people?

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In order to effectively help people solve practical problems, shaanxi network “Political Shaanxi” platform is now part of the recent netizens in education, salary, housing and other fields of difficulties, problems and appeals reflect the situation selected as follows:Fugu county after dajinggou mechanism LAN Charcoal Co., Ltd. in October, November, December 2021, 2022 pay a total of more than 26,000 yuan, so far there is no way to ask.Crowd: Lehua City · Cuiti University:Located at the northeast corner of Yingzhou First Street and Xiangxie Second Road in Jinghe New Town, Lehua City · Cuti Xuefu community has had frequent problems since the first phase of housing delivery. Some owners have been living for half a year and have not been connected to the Internet, ventilation, electricity meters have not been installed, housing water leakage and other quality problems, which have been delayed to solve.Figure handset tail number 0691 for the masses, catic Washington area: do house property card has not yet To access official xi ‘an avic Washington village, people buy a house for six years, in violation of making a room for three years, haven’t dealt with house property card, we can meet the national grid electricity, cause our appliances as soon as you open to burn, passing the relevant departments, shuffle.Mobile phone no. 8217 and other people:Standard will make your room of spool is xi ‘an baqiao textile city GuoMian three factory since Jian Village villagers, in 2011, has carried on the demolition of our village, in November 2021 just received a property, housing for the so-called village called ‘new European jiayuan, many old people have died after ten years didn’t see the house is more of his own to die,I wanted to check in smoothly like this but the problems emerged in endlessly: 1.The demolition project of self-built village of No. 3 State-owned Cotton Factory has not been approved, and no relevant information can be inquired.2. There is no relevant information for the “New Europe Jiayuan Community” which is moved back.3. Forced us to accept the house and stop the excessive relocation fee without reaching the four-way standard (water, electricity and heating).Dingjiagou Village, Zhangjiapian Town, Suide County, Yulin City, is an important water source protection area.Dingjiagou village garbage dump, household garbage, construction garbage, construction garbage, everywhere in the water source, the water source is seriously polluted!Photo: Dingjiagou Village, Zhangjiapian Town, Suide County, Noise disturbance # 0995Fifty meters west from the gate of Baluyuan Water Works in Xi ‘an City, a well is made on the uneven road surface. Every night when the cart passes by the uneven road surface, it causes great vibration and noise, which seriously affects the life of the surrounding residents. Please solve the problem.# Education entrance # Mobile phone tail number 0926 masses:PWC repulse bay village children further Ba bridge seats king street, repulse bay area in 2019 was baqiao government managed to action Ba 18 primary schools as a temporary transition, 18 small 60 students, each class recess time half of the students are not allowed to go downstairs, because too many students school is too small cannot satisfy students come downstairs activities,Most students have PE classes in the classroom.At present, dongcheng No. 2 School, a public school adjacent to Puhua Repulse Bay, has been completed and has sufficient degrees. However, the children of the owners of Puhua Repulse Bay, which has a population of 5000 households, still have to take care of them outside.The above information is the actual record of people’s messages on the platform of Shaanxi net “Ask Politics shaanxi”. 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