The “Internet celebrity” model of micro card industry, Chang ‘an Star card PLUS can run and save energy

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With the continuous prosperity of individual economy, urban business groups put forward new demands for short-distance transportation, thus giving birth to the unique commercial car microcard.However, most microcards on the market have been criticized by consumers for a long time due to weak power, small space, poor quality and other reasons, and gradually “cheap and low-end” has become a synonym for microcards.In fact, pragmatic and motivated, quality-oriented post-90s have gradually become the new generation of automobile consumers, who have higher requirements and expectations for microcards.Changan Star Card PLUS is a wide-body micro-card developed by Changan Kacheng after three years of development. It has made a revolutionary breakthrough in power, loading, quality and other aspects.Changan Star Card PLUS was officially launched on March 10, with a price range of 49,900 to 63,900 yuan.It covers single and double rows, including four configurations of 1.6L and 1.8L.Changan Star PLUS, with its three core selling points of amazing power, amazing loading and amazing quality, completely breaks the value ceiling of microcard cars and opens a new era of microcard quality.Colorful power for well-off life speed help can run, and energy saving.Changan Star card PLUS power color, the name to the real.Changan Star Card PLUS became the first in the industry to adopt Mitsubishi power + Aisin gearbox.With 1.6L/1.8L dual power combination, 11.5 high compression ratio, maximum power 102KW, maximum horsepower 139, maximum torque 180N·m, 100 km acceleration 25.56s in full load, 100 km acceleration 15.42s in no-load.Horizontally compared with other models at the same level, Changan Star Card PLUS obviously has a stronger power output, so that the micro card can easily drive a sense of speed.Due to the adoption of high flow inlet + long inlet manifold, the maximum torque of 1.8L model is 180N·m/4400rpm, and its low-speed performance is improved by 18%, which has a great advantage in climbing ability, making it more attractive to users in urban and rural areas and even mountainous areas.Obviously, the powerful dynamic performance of Changan Star Card PLUS can be adapted to more scenarios and a wider audience.On March 10, chang ‘an Star PLUS completed the hump challenge and champagne Tower challenge successively, which fully proved its climbing performance and strong power.Moreover, changan Star Card PLUS adopts Atkinson cycle and DLC coating and other wear reduction technologies to effectively reduce mechanical losses while improving fuel economy.DVVT variable timing of intake and exhaust, EGR and other technical modules can further improve the overall emissions, bring lower fuel consumption and car economy.If Changan Star card is the best in the same category, then Changan Star Card PLUS is another rookie in the family.Changan Star PLUS, a new platform model, is superior in space size and loading capacity.The size of single row cargo box of Changan Star Card PLUS is 3320*1660*380mm, and the maximum load of single row is 1495KG;The size of double row container is 2600*1660*380mm, and the maximum load of double row is 1190KG.Chang ‘an star card PLUS has the largest cargo box with the level, the carrying capacity is greatly promoted, for entrepreneurs this is undoubtedly a big temptation.In addition to the large container, the maximum thickness of chang ‘an Star Card PLUS container side plate is 51.8mm, the container is equipped with 338*86mm reinforcement, the container plate is strengthened and thickened, the loading of goods is safer, the load capacity is more prominent.Changan Star PLUS adopts 2 longitudinal and 10 horizontal bending frame design, frame rail size 245mm, rail thickness 2mm, model strength significantly improved.The high strength steel girder frame improves the bending and torsion resistance comprehensively. The bent beam design also achieves the purpose of reducing the body’s center of gravity and makes the driving more stable after loading.Changan Star PLUS strives for excellence in quality and is committed to creating a unique micro card.Changan Star PLUS internal transverse space is 1481mm, the maximum longitudinal space is 1998mm, the main driving head space is 103mm, the front and rear row of the head and legs have a punch space, in the practicality at the same time to maximize the comfort.Changan Star Card PLUS seats are designed with raised wings, with good wrapping and waist support. The front backrest Angle of the seats can be adjusted by 20°, and the back seat Angle can be adjusted by 15°. Drivers and passengers can adjust at will.In terms of materials, CHANG ‘an Star Card PLUS chair adopts GMT+ non-woven fabric to avoid hygroscopic deformation, which gets rid of the traditional rough impression of micro card and further improves the ride comfort.The front glass size of Changan Star Card PLUS is 1400mm*825mm, and the driving vision is wider. The front view Angle is 14.1°, and you can see the traffic light in front of the car 12m away at the height of 4.8 meters.Rearview mirror size 180*170mm, reversing radar warning range 10mm-1400mm, even novice drivers can safely reverse.Changan Star PLUS is also equipped with a 10.2 inch large multimedia system, with reversing image, reversing radar hint, support Android, iPhone mapping function.The vehicle is equipped with dual USB and supports 2.1a charging.Changan Star card PLUS in the configuration of the next city, so that users can also enjoy a convenient car experience on the road of entrepreneurship.In the end, the micro card should not just be a tool car. In the current era of innovative technology and user-driven, it has burst into new vitality and market opportunities.According to relevant data, the domestic sales of micro cards showed an overall growth trend from 2015 to 2020, reaching 708,000 units in 2020, with a year-on-year growth of 8.4%.Even under the multiple influences of market and supply chain in 2021, the sales volume of microcards still exceeded 600,000 units.At the same time, the trend of microcard upsizing and head effect is emerging.The author believes that with the entry of powerful models represented by Changan Star Card PLUS, it is bound to have an impact on the existing micro card market, and changan Star Card PLUS should open a new market pattern in terms of power, space and quality.