New book “Top of the Ice” launched in Guangzhou | experience the secrets of ice sports

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On the afternoon of February 15th, “Blooming in the World of Ice and Snow — Top of Ice and Snow: Culture and Aesthetics of the Winter Olympic Games” (published by Guangdong Tourism Press) new book conference was held in Nanfeng Academy, Guangzhou.
Deputy Secretary of party Committee of Guangdong Tourism Holding Group Zhu Xiangshan attended the press conference.On the basis of macroscopic interpretation of history and theory, the book “Top of Ice and Snow: Culture and Aesthetics of the Winter Olympics” makes a micro analysis of the snow and ice sports competition events. Through the introduction and analysis of some representative snow and ice sports events of the Winter Olympics, it guides readers to feel and deeply experience the secrets of the snow and ice sports.Yu Xiande, the author of the book and a professor at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, shared the original intention of writing the book and the entry point of the research.As a cultural tour of the Winter Olympic movement, the book inherits and expands the Olympic spirit of ancient Greece through winter competitive sports.At the same time, through the special climatic characteristics of winter — the physical characteristics and environmental characteristics of ice and snow, the great role of the Olympic Movement in the history of human beings in inspiring the will to struggle, enhancing the life force, breaking through the physiological limit and creating human miracles is highly appraised.When it comes to the creation of the book, in a good professor, said: “a lot of Chinese people for the winter Olympics also seemed strange, for snow sports competitions are not very understanding, in addition to China’s ice and snow sports several strengths, for of understanding and connection with other projects, mostly still stays in the fragmented information with a little knowledge of knowledge reserves.””With more people who know and love the Winter Olympics, China’s ice and snow sports will have more friends, thus forming a broader mass base and creating a bigger market for competitive sports tourism consumption.And the expansion of the audience will inevitably attract more young people to participate in winter sports.With strong support from the public, we will be able to supply more reserve talents for China’s Winter Olympic programs.””Therefore, to let more people know the cultural connotation and aesthetic value of the Winter Olympics is a concrete manifestation of our positive contribution to the development of the world ice and snow sports.”He said.Article/Guangzhou Daily · New Huacheng reporter: Wu Botu/Guangzhou Daily · New Huacheng reporter: Wu Bo video/Guangzhou Daily · New Huacheng reporter: Wu Bo Correspondent: Chen Chuxuan Li Jialing Guangzhou Daily · New Huacheng editor: Li Yani