Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) is recruiting staff in 2022

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Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) is a key university in Guangdong province with distinctive international characteristics. It is an important base for international talent cultivation and research on foreign languages and culture, foreign economic and trade, and international strategy in South China.The university is one of the key construction universities of High-level universities in Guangdong Province and one of the pilot universities for personnel reform of high-level universities in Guangdong Province.In several rounds of discipline evaluation organized by the Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center of the Ministry of Education, the discipline of foreign Languages and Literature of OUR university has ranked among the top of all universities in China.Due to the needs of the development of the university, 38 managerial positions, counselors and auxiliary series of professional and technical positions are openly recruited, and the relevant information is hereby announced as follows:(1) Hold the nationality of the People’s Republic of China, abide by the Constitution and laws of the People’s Republic of China, and support the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the socialist system;(2) Having good political quality and moral conduct, having the physical and psychological conditions to perform their duties normally, and having the working ability and skills required by the post;(3) For other requirements, please refer to guangdong University of Foreign Studies Open Recruitment Position Form in March 2022 (Appendix 1);(4) One of the following circumstances shall not apply for the examination (application) : 1.Those who have been given administrative sanctions for less than 5 years or are in the period of other sanctions;2.In the past two years, having violated discipline in the recruitment (employment) examination, physical examination or inspection of government organs or institutions;3.Those who are under audit or disciplinary examination for suspected violation of law or discipline, or suspected of crimes, and judicial procedures have not yet been concluded;Or persons whose criminal punishment period has not expired;4.Any of the circumstances of the withdrawal relationship specified in Article 6 of the Regulations on the Withdrawal of Personnel Management of public Institutions;5.Other circumstances that may not be applied for by law or regulation.(1) If the employees are included in the total post management of the public institution, they shall be employed in accordance with the management method of the school post system.Salary and treatment shall be provided in accordance with the standards of staff of the same position and rank in the enterprise establishment.(2) According to the spirit of the relevant documents concerning position setting and personnel employment and the relevant regulations of the university, the employee shall be employed to the post levels published in the job table according to his/her qualifications and qualifications.1. Registration time: 00:00, March 31, 2022 to 24:00, April 6, 2022.(ii) Online registration is adopted instead of on-site registration.Sign up, please register within the prescribed period of time according to the tips for online registration, submit the relevant documents, etc.In addition to the basic information, candidates should also submit scanned copies of the following materials in the system according to the requirements of the position they apply for: 1.Id card within the validity period (personal information page, national emblem page).2.Highest degree materials.Fresh graduates from domestic colleges and universities must submit employment recommendation forms and academic transcripts (with official seals of relevant departments);Graduates who are eligible for the employment policy of Guangdong Province must submit their academic degrees and degree certificates (resignation and separation certificates are required if they have been employed).Students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and those studying abroad shall submit their academic degrees and certificates and certification reports issued by China Service Center for Overseas Study of the Ministry of Education.3.If there are professional requirements for the undergraduate and postgraduate stage, the applicant shall submit the education background and degree certificate of the corresponding study stage.4.Certificate of CPC Member (with official seal of relevant department, see Attachment 3 for reference template).5.Certificate of tenure of student cadre (official seal of relevant department shall be affixed, see Attachment 3 for reference template).6.Foreign language proficiency certificate.7.Professional title certificate.8.Other supporting documents required by the job conditions.(3) Matters needing attention 1.Candidates should log on to the website of Guangdong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security ( or the website of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies ( within the time specified in the recruitment notice to learn more about the position and related conditions.2.Each applicant is limited to one post.The applicant shall guarantee the truthfulness and accuracy of the information he/she fills in. If the information he/she fills in is inaccurate, or does not meet the recruitment conditions and job requirements, the applicant shall be responsible for the disqualification.3.The uploaded supporting attachment shall be true, complete, accurate, in accordance with the requirements, clear and readable, otherwise it shall be deemed invalid.Applicants shall be responsible for the failure of qualification examination due to invalid or unqualified attachments.4.Candidates shall not register for the professional code and the recruitment of the professional code of the post is inconsistent.If your major is not listed in the major catalog (no professional code), you can choose to apply for a similar major in the recruitment major.But a compulsory course for the specialty should be major to enter oneself for an examination (apply for) position, main course and provide diploma when enter oneself for an examination (overseas degree certification must also provide the Ministry of Education), learning professional course transcript (must build official seal of educational administration department), issued by the college course contrast situation shows, graduated from colleges and universities set up the professional basis material, etc.Candidates whose specific research direction or field has been specified can apply for the position only if they meet the specific research direction or field.5.This year’s graduates of regular institutions of higher learning should obtain corresponding graduation certificates and degree certificates before July 1, 2022, and other applicants should obtain corresponding graduation certificates and degree certificates before the registration date.Students studying in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan or overseas should obtain overseas diploma, degree certificate and relevant certification materials from Overseas Study Service Center of the Ministry of Education before the application deadline.6.The examinees who have marital relationship, direct blood relationship, collateral blood relationship within three generations, planned blood relationship or close marriage relationship with the leaders of the public institutions shall not apply for the posts of secretary, personnel, finance, discipline inspection and supervision of the units, as well as the posts that have direct relationship with the leaders of the upper and lower levels.7.Candidates who falsify or conceal key information will be disqualified if found before entry.The contract or agreement signed after employment is found to be invalid, and the employer can investigate individual legal and economic responsibilities.(iv) Qualification Review According to the recruitment conditions and post requirements, conduct preliminary online review of the qualifications of the candidates.The results of the qualification examination will be announced within 10 working days after the deadline of registration and will be published on the website and registration system of personnel Office of GUANGDONG University of Foreign Studies.Candidates who have passed the qualification examination can take the written examination after personal online confirmation.Qualification examination runs through the whole process of recruitment work.If it is found that the examinee does not meet the qualifications for examination or the materials and information provided by the examinee are not true, the examinee’s qualification for examination or employment shall be cancelled.5. Online confirmation 1.Candidates who have passed the qualification examination must log in the registration system to confirm the examination online.2.The online confirmation time is: 9:00 on April 20, 2022 to 17:00 on April 23, 2022.Candidates who fail to complete the online confirmation of the test as required within the specified time will be regarded as giving up the test qualification.3. Online confirmation of taking the test operation: log in the registration system, according to the prompts to confirm taking the written test.4. Candidates who have completed the online confirmation of the examination can participate in the written examination and the subsequent links of the recruitment.The written test (1) Candidates who have passed the preliminary examination of candidates’ information can take the written test.The specific time, place and form of the written test will be notified separately.The written examination shall be closed and time-limited without reference books.The written test score is 100 points, calculated to 2 decimal places.Those whose written test score is less than 60 cannot enter the interview scope.The written test results will be posted on the personnel Office website of GUANGDONG University of Foreign Studies in due course after the written test.(2) Qualification review and psychological test according to the written test results of the candidates, according to the recruitment number of each post and the ratio of 1:5 candidates (the same score at the same time, if the number of qualified candidates did not reach the proportion, according to the actual number) to determine the list of personnel entering the qualification review.Into the qualification audit personnel, within the prescribed time, carry the id card, academic degree certificate (or graduates employment recommendation table), country (condition) outside the degree, degree certification, English level certificates or transcripts, awards certificates, certificate of party members, student cadre certificate, certificate of relevant work experience (must build official seal of the relevant departments,See Attachment 3 for the reference template) and one original and one copy of other certificates and other materials required by the position to the designated place for qualification examination and psychological test.Candidates who pass the qualification examination and take the psychological test can participate in the structured interview.The name list and time of the structured interview will be announced through the personnel Office website of GUANGDONG University of Foreign Studies.(3) Structured interview The structured interview will be conducted by on-site question-and-answer.The school shall set up an odd number of interview judges panel with no less than 7 members.The interview mainly inspects the examinee’s comprehensive analysis ability, the organization management ability, the language expression ability, the scene strain ability and the manner appearance and so on.After the structured interview, the score will be announced on site. The score will be calculated by 100 points to 2 decimal places.Those with a score of less than 60 in the structured interview will not be allowed to participate in the operational competence assessment.(4) Evaluation of operating ability According to the results of the structured interview, the list of personnel participating in the evaluation of operating ability is determined from high to low in accordance with the ratio of the number of recruitment positions to the number of applicants 1:2 (if the number of qualified applicants does not reach the proportion, the actual number).The name list and time of personnel will be announced through the website of personnel Office of GUANGDONG University of Foreign Studies.Operation ability evaluation, mainly test the organization management ability, coordination ability and practical operation ability of the candidates.The score of operation ability evaluation is calculated by 100 points, and the score is calculated to 2 decimal places.The results of the evaluation will be published on the website of personnel Department of GUANGDONG University of Foreign Studies after the evaluation.Total Score Total score = Written test score ×30%+ Structured interview score ×30%+ Operation ability test ×40%According to the total score of the examination from high to low, the list of physical examination personnel for each post is determined in a 1:1 ratio.Those with a total score of less than 70 points will not be included in the list of medical examination personnel.If the total score is the same, the interview scores will be ranked from high to low;If the interview score is also the same, according to the operation ability test scores from high to low ranking;If the results of the interview and operation ability test are the same, the interview will be arranged separately.Physical Examination Items and standards of physical examination shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the Implementation Rules of Physical Examination for Publicly Recruited Personnel in Public Institutions of Guangdong Province (Trial Implementation) (Guangdong People’s Society Of China (2010) No. 382).8. Those who have passed the physical examination shall enter the inspection procedure.The inspection work shall be carried out strictly in accordance with the relevant requirements of The Implementation Rules of Inspection of Recruitment of Public Institutions in Guangdong Province (Trial implementation) (Guangdong Social Development (2010) No. 276).The school will make a comprehensive study on the list of candidates according to their examination, qualification examination, psychological test, physical examination, inspection, number of positions and their suitability.Announcement and Employment The list of candidates shall be published on the website of Guangdong Human Resources and Social Security Network and the Personnel Department of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies within 7 working days.If there is no objection after publicity, the employee shall go through relevant procedures in accordance with regulations.Failure to register before September 1, 2022 will be regarded as an automatic waiver of employment qualification.11, are available for students physical examination, inspection is unqualified, or volunteer to give up hiring qualified candidates, or affect the employment situation, etc., during the public that the job vacancy arises in cause, whether the school can be determined according to the demand of choose and employ persons in the same job interview qualified candidates according to the results from high to low in turn are available in the physical examination or investigation.(I) The time limit of work experience, age and punishment period shall be calculated until the deadline of application.(2) Applicants should apply for and take examinations in accordance with the latest epidemic prevention and control requirements.Due to epidemic prevention and control or force majeure, GUANGDONG University of Foreign Studies may adjust the recruitment schedule and arrangement if necessary.The announcement will be published on the website of personnel Office of GUANGDONG University of Foreign Studies.(III) This recruitment does not specify examination reference books and textbooks, nor will it hold or entrust any institution to hold examination coaching training.The personnel Department of GUANGDONG University of Foreign Studies is responsible for the interpretation of this announcement, and the discipline Inspection Office of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies is responsible for the supervision of recruitment.Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GUANGDONG University of Foreign Studies) On March 4, 2022 Open recruitment position list