Binzhou City People’s Hospital Spring Festival evening was successfully held in the west wing

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On the evening of January 24, binzhou People’s Hospital west district decorated with lanterns, beaming.On the occasion of the opening of the West Hospital, the Spring Festival Gala held by Binzhou People’s Hospital was successfully held in the International Conference Center of the West Hospital. The whole hospital’s medical staff gathered together to welcome the Spring Festival with joy.Before the performance began, Xia Jialin, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and president of Binzhou People’s Hospital, delivered a New Year’s speech. He first thanked the leaders at all levels, all walks of life, the families of employees and the people of the whole city for helping and supporting the development of the hospital over the years, and extended New Year’s greetings to you on behalf of the Party Committee of the Hospital.He introduced the main achievements of the hospital in 2021 and looked forward to the bright future of the hospital.In 2022, the west Hospital opening, grade A review, public hospital performance assessment and other major issues have been placed in front of us, we will use the strength of the hospital, gather the wisdom of all the staff, in the crisis, open a new bureau in the changing situation, and strive to build binzhou People’s Hospital medical group that the government can trust, the masses are satisfied.Chorus “I swear” pulled open the prologue of evening party, binzhou city people’s hospital leading group leads branch secretary, prepare party member to review the clank oath when joining the party.Then wonderful one wonderful program presented one by one.Song dance we are dreamers, sitcoms is natural “, “song” rice fragrance “, the Chinese dress show the flocculant idle, sitcom “medullary love”, the song “the herbal incense”, dance “youth imagination”, sitcom about angels, song, dance, zhuoma sketch “three hair battle”, the song “spring, hope”, dance, “wan jiang”…Songs, melodrama, dance, recitation, skits and other forms of programs, the staff wrote and performed wonderful programs, continuous applause.”The sun rises in the east, and the roads are full of light. How lucky I am to be born in your arms…”Accompanied by beautiful singing, the party came to an end in the dance “Ten thousand Xinjiang”, and we all wished the motherland prosperity, peace and security.Reporter Peng Cuicui correspondent Zhao Yan