Whether a small accident occurs in the vehicle is reported for insurance, which is very particular

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Car accident, insurance or private?If the accident is not your responsibility, let the insurance company out of the insurance will not affect your premiums for the next year.So, don’t get in the way when dividing responsibilities.When an accident happens, novice drivers don’t know how to deal with it and what the process is.And the nervous state of mind, a face of worry, at a loss to deal with the way…Will let the other side of the car owners catch the weakness, should be the other side of the full responsibility, will be fooled into their own responsibility, and finally each repair.Even some veteran took the name of private, mercilessly blackmail small white.02 see cost & go out of danger number is right next year insurance cost influence go out of danger number is very big to commercial car insurance cost influence, and go out of danger number is more, next year insurance cost increment is bigger.Car insurance is divided into two parts, namely compulsory car insurance and commercial car insurance.Make strong danger is mandatory of the country, use compensate to pay the other side;Commercial auto insurance is purchased voluntarily by individuals, many of them to cover their own losses.First of all, we should understand that strong insurance and commercial insurance are calculated separately. If strong insurance is out of danger, it will not affect the discount of commercial insurance in the next year.03 learn to use car insurance “car insurance value is not worth” after a traffic accident how quickly we know how much cost need to report insurance and how much cost can be private?Juyou bao small program “car insurance worth it” function will come in handy left left left the first step the second step is the third step 4 step 5 sliding view measure tutorial be or get out of danger worth it is a rapid calculator, based on the car insurance premium data, rapid calculation for claims which can cover after be or get out of danger in the coming year amount of premium rises, and thus help to make car settle or decisions be or get out of danger.This function is very simple to use: you only need to search wechat and open the small program “Car buddy Bao”, you can find this function in the car owner service section, and it is completely free to use, accurate and convenient, and you don’t have to worry about reporting a crime!In addition to the value of the insurance function, car owners can also buy insurance for the car, for themselves and their families on the small program, one-key inquiry price comparison, online reservation maintenance, online compensation, so easy to use the platform is not fast to experience?Summary road million, safety first!No matter be illicit or sign up for insurance to manage compensate is to have economic loss, must spend time to wait for maintenance, do not give accident just is right way!Do not panic in the event of an accident, first with “out of danger value is not worth” calculate maintenance costs, and then decide whether to report for risk.