War horse, war horse

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Message: Xinxing Town, Guoyang County, Bozhou City, Anhui Province is the former site of the fourth Division headquarters of the New Fourth Army. General Peng Xuefeng was the first division commander of the division. He died a martyr on September 11, 1944 at the age of only 37.This army of iron and steel has three treasures: the cavalry, the company, and the morning herald. Look at the proud god of victory, and look at the indomitable majesty…War horse, war horse — Qingming festival, the children of Scroll Yang here to recall the past send condolences text:Kit Meng Feng wang hanbitsoft Wei-min Yang Pan Zifeng steeds, fight nobody was born in great China (attitude follows the sun set out war horse, fight the Mercedes cape tianya flurry roar toward the Japanese aggressors to kill war horse, combat is horse back QinZhuanHanWa wall lift up national flower horses and horse road mission of fighting great united front fought a war horse, son of dragonThe battle of the horse chasing the dream on the road to the vortex river Huai water is very strong to defend the dignity of the bed horse, the battle of the central Plains all-powerful monument millions look up to the unyielding picturesque horse, the battle of the horse sword and sword film fame spread hero far away red Guanghua tonglian: Wuyang County Culture and art Center north east second floor literary and art creation room 13083369786