The first point of view | warm between words and deeds

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General Secretary Xi Jinping has made it a priority for every household to stay warm through the winter.From January 26 to 27, General Secretary Xi Jinping paid a visit to grassroots cadres and people in Shanxi Province, where he once again inspected the work of power supply and heat supply.On the afternoon of January 27, 2022, President Xi Jinping visited Shanxi Ruiguang Thermal Power Co., LTD.Power supply and heat supply is related to the overall situation of economic development and social stability, and is a major event related to people’s livelihood.December 28, 2013: Xi Jinping is on duty at Wangjingqiao Thermal Power Co., LTD in Beijing.Let every family have a warm winter, a happy and peaceful holiday.December 29 and 30, 2012: Xi Jinping visited needy people and inspected poverty alleviation work in Fuping County, Hebei Province.On December 30, Xi jinping sat on a kang at the home of Tang Rongbin, a poor family member in Luotuowan village, Longquanguan Town, and asked them whether they had enough quilts for winter and coal for heating.On January 19, 2015, Xi Jinping visited the earthquake-stricken people in a transitional settlement in Ludian, Yunnan province, and asked them to make good arrangements for their daily lives and ensure their safety and warmth during the winter.On January 24, 2017, Xi Jinping visited zhangjiakou city, Hebei Province, visited grassroots cadres and the masses and inspected poverty alleviation work.In Desheng village, Xiao Ertai Town, Xi jinping saw the kang that Xu Wan’s family had burned and felt it to see if it was warm.What the people are worried about, I will remember what they hope for, and I will do what they hope to do to make every household warm for the winter